TUESDAY: What’s on in London today [14/09/21]

TUESDAY 14 SEPTEMBER 2021 (A–Z) // What’s on in London today including one-off events, limited runs, film clubs, repertory seasons, film festivals, outdoor events, & our selection of new releases.

By RADIANT CIRCUS // Twitter @radiantcircus | Instagram @radiantcircus

SAINT MAUD d. Rose Glass, 2019 + Q&A with producer Oliver Kassman presented by Wimbledon Film Club at Curzon Wimbledon (14 SEP 20:30).

  • “A private nurse for palliative care is convinced that God has a special purpose in store for her. Her new client is a terminally ill choreographer whose cynical bohemianism jars and spars with her own ecstatic asceticism. “Disaster seems inevitable, but what makes Saint Maud so nail-bitingly tense is that it’s impossible to guess the form in which it’ll come, especially as we become immersed in Maud’s warped, hallucinatory way of seeing the world.” Alison Willmore, New York Magazine”
  • AFTER HOURS 35mm d. Martin Scorsese, 1985 at The Prince Charles (14 SEP 18:15).
  • AKIRA d. Katsuhiro Ôtomo, 1988 at The Prince Charles (14 SEP 20:30).
  • BYE BYE MORONS aka Adieu les cons d. Albert Dupontel, 2020 at Ciné Lumière (14 SEP 18:00).
  • CALL NORTHSIDE 777 4k d. Henry Hathaway, 1948 at BFI (14 SEP 17:50).
  • THE CHAMPION OF AUSCHWITZ d. Maciej Barczewski, 2020 at JW3 (14 SEP 21:00).
  • IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE 4K aka Fa yeung nin wah d. Wong Kar Wai, 2000 at Picturehouse Cinemas (daily until 16 SEP).
  • LAMDA Short Film Night + Q&A short film programme at Riverside Studios (14 SEP 20:00).
  • LITTLE IDA & OTHER BALLETS presented by Sands Films Cinema Club at Sands Film Studios (14 SEP 20:00 – Free/Donation requested).
  • MEETING THE BEATLES IN INDIA d. Paul Saltzman. 2020 at Olympic Studios (14 SEP 19:40).
  • MULHOLLAND DR. 35mm d. David Lynch, 2001 at The Prince Charles (10 to 16 SEP various).
  • NEWS FROM HOME d. Chantal Akerman, 1976 presented by Tufnell Park Film Club at The Lord Palmerston (14 SEP 20:00).
  • PARASITE d. Bong Joon Ho, 2019 at The Prince Charles (14 SEP 12:00).
  • PHANTOM THREAD 70mm d. Paul Thomas Anderson, 2018 at The Prince Charles (14 SEP 20:45).
  • PRISONERS d. Denis Villeneuve, 2013 at BFI (14 SEP 14:15).
  • SAINT MAUD d. Rose Glass, 2019 + Q&A with producer Oliver Kassman presented by Wimbledon Film Club at Curzon Wimbledon (14 SEP 20:30).
  • THE THIRD MAN 4k d. Carol Reed, 1949 at BFI (14 SEP 20:50).
  • TLAMESS d. Ala Eddine Slim, 2019 at BFI (14 SEP 20:40).
  • TO BE SOMEONE d. Ray Burdis, 2020 at Whirled Cinema (14 SEP 20:00).
  • WATTSTAX d. Mel Stuart, 1973 at BFI (14 SEP 18:00).
  • WOLF AND SHEEP d. Shahrbanoo Sadat, 2016 at ICA (14 SEP 16:30).
  •  NOMADLAND d. Chloé Zhao, 2020 at Rooftop Film Club, Stratford East (14 SEP 20:00).
  • THE SUICIDE SQUAD d. James Gunn, 2021 at Rooftop Film Club, Peckham (14 SEP 20:00).

COPILOT d. Anne Zohra Berrach, 2021.

THE SERVANT d. Joseph Losey, 1963.

SWEET THING d. Alexandre Rockwell, 2020.

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