This is a film still from POSSESSOR d. Brandon Cronenberg, 2020.

TUESDAY: What’s on in London today [14/12/21]

TUESDAY 14 DECEMBER 2021 (A–Z) // What’s on in London today across DIY, indie & alternative cinema including one-off screen events, film seasons, film festivals & our selection of new releases.

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POSSESSOR d. Brandon Cronenberg, 2020 at Genesis Cinema (14 DEC 18:20) / Part of HUMAN RESOURCES.

  • “Painting a grim, surreal portrait of the all-encompassing nature of the gig economy, Brandon Cronenberg’s sci-fi horror mindbender features Andrea Riseborough as a body-swapping assassin undergoing a seriously bad case of the Mondays. When her latest job threatens to shatter her already fragile sense of self, the resulting chaos sends her down a rabbit hole of violence and psychological terror that she may not come back from. Cronenberg’s stylish and haunting critique of contemporary society’s increasingly shaky sense of what it means to have a work-life balance stands out as one of the most hard-hitting explorations of work in recent memory.”
  • Curated by Ryan NineslingPresented in partnership with the National Film & Television School.
  • ALICE d. Jan Svankmajer, 1988 presented by No Bollocks Film Club at The Castle Cinema (14 DEC 19:00).
  • THE FOOTBALL MONOLOGUES d. Greg Cruttwell, 2021 + Q&A with the director, Stephen Boxer, Candida Gubbins & Emma Amos at ArtHouse Crouch End (14 DEC 20:00).
  • FROM DUSK ‘TIL DAWN + THE COMEBACK SPECIAL d. Tim Pope, 1993 + 2018 at ICA (14 DEC 20:15).
  • HUE & CRY d. Charles Crichton, 1947 presented by Sands Films Cinema Club at Sands Films Studios & online (14 DEC 20:00 – Donation requested).
  • IN THE HEIGHTS d. Jon M Chu, 2021 at Whirled Cinema (14 DEC 20:00).
  • KING RICHARD d. Reinaldo Marcus Green, 2021 at The David Lean (14 DEC 19:30).
  • THE MATRIX d. Lana Wachowski & Lilly Wachowski, 1999 at The Cinema In The Arches (14 DEC 19:10).
  • SPENCER d. Pablo Larraín, 2021 at The David Lean (14 DEC 14:30).
  • WAKE UP ON MARS d. Dea Gjinovci, 2020 + Q&A with the director presented by New East Cinema at Barbican (14 DEC 20:45).
  • WOHIN UND ZURÜCK PART III – WELCOME IN VIENNA d. Axel Corti, 1986 at Austrian Cultural Forum (14 DEC 19:00 – FREE/Rearranged).

35MM PRESENTATIONS at The Prince Charles


  • ARMY OF SHADOWS aka L’Armée des ombres d. Jean-Pierre Melville, 1960 (14 DEC 19:30).

ALL WE WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS… at Picturehouse Cinemas

  • TANGERINE d. Sean Baker, 2015 (14 DEC various).

ALT. XMAS at The Prince Charles


CHRISTMAS at Genesis Cinema 

CHRISTMAS at The Prince Charles

EYES ON SPIES at Ciné Lumière

  •  ARMY OF SHADOWS aka L’Armée des ombres d. Jean-Pierre Melville, 1960 (14 DEC 19:30).

HUMAN RESOURCES at Close-Up & Genesis Cinema

  • POSSESSOR d. Brandon Cronenberg, 2020 at Genesis Cinema (14 DEC 18:20).
  • Curated by Ryan NineslingPresented in partnership with the National Film & Television School.

JAPAN 2021 at BFI Southbank

JAPAN 2021: ANOTHER GAZE at BFI Southbank

  • THE FAR ROAD aka Toi ippon no michi d. Sachiko Hidari, 1978 Restoration premiere + Recorded intro by Professor Ayako Saito (14 DEC 20:400).

BEING THE RICARDOS d. Aaron Sorkin, 2021:

DON’T LOOK UP d. Adam McKay, 2021:

LAMB d. Valdimar Jóhannsson, 2021:

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