TUESDAY: What’s on in London today [23/11/21]

TUESDAY 23 NOVEMBER 2021 (A–Z) // What’s on in London today across DIY, indie & alternative cinema including one-off screen events, film seasons, film festivals & our selection of new releases.

By RADIANT CIRCUS // Twitter @radiantcircus / Instagram @radiantcircus

THE AMERICAN SECTOR d. Courtney Stephens & Pacho Velez, 2020 UK Premiere + Q&A with the directors & Dr Martin Brady at Barbican (23 NOV 19:00) / Part of Architecture on Film.

  • “Following its fall in 1989, many sections of the Berlin Wall migrated to the US. A cinematic road trip to these artefacts of geopolitical division becomes a nuanced reflection on ‘the free world’. Vignettes in 16mm capture these slabs of the Wall in their eccentric, wide-ranging American situ – from behind the Hard Rock Café in Universal Studios, to George W Bush’s Presidential Library – while collected conversations with the relics’ custodians, owners and passers-by, allow the Wall’s mute concrete to become a conduit for discussions of present day freedom, borders, and nationhood.”
  • THE AMERICAN SECTOR d. Courtney Stephens & Pacho Velez, 2020 UK Premiere + Q&A with the directors & Dr Martin Brady at Barbican (23 NOV 19:00) / Part of Architecture on Film.
  • AUTUMN SONATA d. Ingmar Bergman, 1978 presented by No Bollox Film Club at The Castle Cinema (23 NOV 19:00).
  • CAREER GIRLS d. Mike Leigh, 1997 + Q&A with the director at BFI Southbank (23 NOV 18:00).
  • THE CONFESSION aka L’Aveu d. Costa-Gavras, 1970 at Ciné Lumière (23 NOV 17:45).
  • EARLY SPRING 4k aka Sôshun d. Yasujirô Ozu, 1956 at BFI Southbank (23 NOV 17:40).
  • THE FATHER d. Florian Zeller, 2020 at Whirled Cinema (23 NOV 20:00).
  • GIMME SHELTER d. Albert Maysles, David Maysles & Charlotte Zwerin, 1970 presented by Tufnell Park Film Club at The Lord Palmerston (23 NOV 20:00).
  • GODZILLA aka Gojira d. Ishirô Honda, 1954 at BFI Southbank (23 NOV 20:40).
  • I DO NOT CARE IF WE GO DOWN IN HISTORY AS BARBARIANS d. Radu Jude, 2018 at ICA (23 NOV 18:15).
  • LAST NIGHT IN SOHO d. Edgar Wright, 2021 at The David Lean (23 NOV 19:30).
  • LIFE IS SWEET d. Mike Leigh, 1990 at BFI Southbank (23 NOV 20:50).
  • THE MASTER 35mm d. Paul Thomas Anderson, 2012 at The Prince Charles (23 NOV 20:25).
  • MICHAEL CLAYTON 35mm d. Tony Gilroy, 2007 at The Prince Charles (23 NOV 18:00).
  • MR. JONES d. Agnieszka Holland, 2019 presented by Wimbledon Film Club + Q&A with Dr. Daria Mattingley at Curzon Wimbledon (23 NOV 20:30) / Part of Ukrainian Film Festival.
  • NEVER GONNA SNOW AGAIN d. Małgorzata Szumowska & Michał Englert, 2020 at The David Lean (23 NOV 14:30).
  • THE SMALL WORLD OF SAMMY LEE d. Ken Hughes, 1963 at BFI Southbank (23 NOV 14:30).
  • UN FLIC d. Jean-Pierre Melville, 1972 at BFI Southbank (23 NOV 20:45).
DRIVE MY CAR aka Doraibu mai kâ d. Ryûsuke Hamaguchi, 2021.

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