#LDNindieFILM Love Story: Genesis Cinema (image c/o Genesis Cinema).

#LDNindieFILM Love Story: Genesis Cinema

We’re asking our wonderful readers to celebrate London’s alternative cinema scene with a #LDNindieFILM Love Story! Here’s the first of their tributes to the amazing people & places that illuminate the darkness with great cinema.


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by Julie Begum

Where I fell in love with cinema

Genesis Cinema which used to be known as the Coronet was one of the few cinemas open in the late 1970s in Tower Hamlets which can now boast a lot more cinema venues including the latest Curzon in Aldgate.

My first movie was the original Muppet Show movie and then the definitive Star Wars. Both in different ways opened up a world on the big screen that I never knew existed.

Thank you!

THE RADIANT CIRCUS VIEW: I wanted to share Julie’s #LDNindieFILM Love Story because it celebrates how cinemas create a compelling narrative throughout our long lives, rooting our experience of films in both time and place. The projected stories of our childhood are amongst our most powerful cinema-going experiences, illuminating young eyes with bold new vistas. The Muppets, Star Wars and proud indie Genesis certainly make for a heady cocktail of celluloid sensations. Let’s hope we can huddle under a blanket in their big room again before too long…


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