Baby Lame presents SHOWGIRLS: LIVE! at Rio Cinema (09 SEP 2021)

Baby Lame brings you the outrageous camp classic SHOWGIRLS as you’ve never experienced it before, in this immersive screening-meets-queer club party-extravaganza!

Submitted by Chris Weller

  • SHOWGIRLS d. Paul Verhoeven, 1995
  • 09 SEP 2021 // 20:00 // Rio Cinema // Dalston E8
  • Tickets: £15 or £16.50 with donation to SWARM // Booking now!

To mark London Pride and the belated 25th anniversary… Don your best VER-SAYCE and leave your inhibitions at the door… as drag wild child Baby Lame brings you the outrageous camp classic SHOWGIRLS as you’ve never experienced it before, in this immersive screening-meets-queer club party-extravaganza!

Join TEAM NOMI or TEAM CRISTAL as in the ultimate interactive bitch off led by the award-winning Miss Lame herself plus they’ll be games (DOGGY CHOW EATING ANYONE?), big prizes and pop up THRUST IT! THRUST IT! moments from some of the UK’s hottest performers including:

  • Serving WAP! Twerking burlesque sensation – CLEOPANTHA!
  • Cat got your tongue? Powerhouse pole superstar – KITTY VELOUR!
  • Bringing FIRE to the Rio… literally! Hot-to-trot flame goddess – LADY NOELIA!
  • Oh my god, look at that butt! Aerial acrobat adonis – DANNY ASH!

Also SMOKIN’ HOT GO-GO DANCERS and the launch of our first annual MX GODDESS STRIP COMPETITION!

Tickets include a voluntary donation to SWARM – the Sex Workers Advocacy Resistance Movement.


With lifelong dreams of becoming the World’s greatest topless dancer, tempestuous Nomi Malone (Elizabeth Berkley) arrives in Las Vegas with nothing but a suitcase and a few dollars to her name. Landing a job at a seedy strip bar, Nomi has her sights set on the Stardust Hotel where erotic icon Cristal (Gina Gershon) rules the roost. And she’ll stop at nothing to get there. A raucous mix of over acting, catfights and doggy chow, we promise you a night you will never forget!


50 years ago the Rio became London’s wildest adult burlesque show palace, The Dalston Tatler Club was a notorious hangout for burnt out sixties swingers, with its uncensored XXX rated double bills of eurotrash porn and hardcore grindhouse striptease. The ladies of the Tatler put on a full Vegas style show using every gimmick in the book including feathers, sequins, tassels and a twelve foot python.

Lasting until the Rio’s punk take-over/make-over in 1976, the Tatler era still stirs memories amongst long time Rio regulars. We now pay tribute to those pioneering ladies in recreating some of the glitzy showbiz extravaganza they bought to grimey 70’s Dalston.




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