This is a film still from ONE MAN FORCE dir Dale Trevillion, 1989

Crap Film Club presents ONE MAN FORCE at The Old Queens Head (03 OCT 2022)

“Jake Swan. Narcotics Detective. 6′ 8″ – 280 lbs. 21″ biceps, 55″ chest. No one enforces the law… like he does!”

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  • ONE MAN FORCE dir Dale Trevillion, 1989
  • 03 OCT 2022 // 19:00 // The Old Queens Head // London N1 8LN
  • Tickets: £5.00 // BOOKING NOW!

Detective Jake Swan does things by the book – his book. But when a drug bust he plans results in his partner’s death, Jake goes on a rampage that ends in his suspension from the force and a quick slide into booze and guilty depression. Trying to hold himself and his partner’s family together, Jake turns to private investigation, taking on the bizarre case of a kidnapped rock star. The trail descends into an underworld of drug smuggling, money laundering and international corruption, putting Jake against the same people responsible for his partner’s murder. Only this time Jake uses maximum force to guarantee that justice is served!

Ever wanted to see possibly the most cliche-ridden, cheesy, awesome ’80s cop thriller ever made? Ever wondered what Beverly Hills Cop would be like if someone fed it nothing but caffeine and steroids? Now what if we told you it stars Sloth from The Goonies AND the guy who played Flash Gordon? If you’re not already scrabbling to buy your ticket, read on!

Made in 1989, ONE MAN FORCE was the debut lead role for former NFL star John “The Tooz” Matuszak (The Goonies, The Ice Pirates, Miami Vice, The A-Team), a bear of a man with a heart as big as a barn and an inspired, scenery-chewing choice to play a renegade cop with anger mangement issues. With film legends Sam Jones (Flash Gordon), Ronny Cox (Robocop, Total Recall) and Charles Napier (The Blues Brothers, Rambo: First Blood Part II) handling the real acting, ONE MAN FORCE ticks all the boxes and then ticks some more for good measure. A loose cannon cop? An angry police chief? Car chases with explosions? Mexican drug dealers? A fight in an S&M club? Blatant product placement? A fridge used as a weapon?! This film delivers over and over for those seeking ridiculous action thrills and unintentional hilarity!

So round up your criminal fraternity, stick a flashing light to the roof of your car, and hightail it to The Old Queens Head to take down the particulars of “the best movie that no-one has ever seen…an underground hidden gem. 11/10” (Shitcase Cinema). We’ve been keeping this flick locked up for years and now it’s finally due for parole, plus there’ll be the usual rogues’ gallery of music, trailers, snacks and prizes to enjoy as well. Could there possibly be a better line-up? We’ll let you be the judge!

“‘One Man Force’ is one damned fine bad-action movie. Pick this one up and enjoy with friends; it’s a riot!”

Explosive Action

“One of the best ‘cop on the edge’ films…every line is a cliche”

Comeuppance Reviews
This is a film still from ONE MAN FORCE dir Dale Trevillion, 1989

Crap Film Club presents ONE MAN FORCE at The Old Queens Head (03 OCT 2022), booking now!




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