Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest returns to indie cinemas, alternative venues & online (09 to 14 NOV 2021).

Freshly adorned with gorgeous new artwork by Ngadi Smart, Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest returns with a packed IRL & online programme (including their hands-on Love Hub).

By RADIANT CIRCUS // Twitter @radiantcircus / Instagram @radiantcircus

Wow… Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest is back from 09 to 14 NOV 2021 with over 100 films from 25 different countries, bucketloads of iconic sexual health and community events, 2 sexy hub venues where all events have free/PWYC tickets (to ensure no one is priced out of queer culture), 16 authors queer in the flesh, parties, panels, and 10 events streaming digitally (with access provisions in place).

You really can’t ask for more than that… London’s most accessible queer event is also one of its friendliest and most inclusive, overflowing with a welcoming queer community vibe that will get you enjoying your cinema like nowhere else. This year you can also engage in a new strand of events about queer literature (including Fringe!’s own surge into queer publishing) and a stronger than ever series of workshops and info sessions on queer sex and sexual health. And all of this is presented with Fringe’s usual queer sex/body/diversity positive glee. Worried that safe sex workshops sound a bit worthy? With topics like ‘Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down’, ‘Doctor Douche & Their Magic Disappearing Hose’ and ‘Wet Play’, you can guarantee you’ll be in safe company…

As to the films? We really like the look of opening night gala LES DÉMONS DE DOROTHY + 2 OTHER DIRTY CINEMATIC TRIPS (09 NOV 2020 at Rio Cinema), documentary WOJNAROWICZ: FCK YOU FGGOT F*CKER! (10 NOV 18:15 at Genesis Cinema), GENDERATION, “a moving account of queerness in later life” (11 NOV 18:30 at Genesis / featured image); “Writer / director Wes Hurley’s autobiographical dark comedy” POTATO DREAMS OF AMERICA (11 NOV 18:30 at Barbican), RAW! UNCUT! VIDEO!, “a love story about fetish porn” (11 NOV 20:45 at Rio Cinema) and Fringe’s annual dose of sex-positive shorts, this year titled CERTIFIED FREAK, SEVEN DAYS A WEEK! (13 NOV 21:15 Rose Lipman Building).

Other really special events include a sure-to-be rowdy late night party screening of cult classic COYOTE UGLY (12 NOV 23:30 at Rio Cinema), TOKYO GODFATHERS featuring a landmark anime and “live shenanigans from your favourite local darlings, cabaret superstars The Bitten Peach” (14 NOV 16:00 at Colours Hoxton), and closing night gala, NO STRAIGHT LINES: THE RISE OF QUEER COMICS (14 NOV 20:30 at Genesis Cinema).

… You don’t need any more reasons to know why these beautiful people are one of Film London’s ‘Lodestars’.

Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest is at indie cinemas, alternative venues & online from 09 to 14 NOV 2021 & is booking now!




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