Habibi Collective presents FILM COLLECTIVES & POLITICAL LIBERATION at The Castle Cinema (NOV 2021)

The Habibi Collective presents three film events about the power of working collaboratively on a grassroots level, creating support systems & mechanisms of mutual aid in the film industry.

Submitted by The Habibi Collective

The Habibi Collective works across the cinema industry and is an open-access resource, digital archive, podcast, and curatorial platform for women’s filmmaking from South-West Asia and North Africa (SWANA).

We are hosting 3 events that look at film collectives and political liberation in the UK from 1963 to 2020. The screenings will be presented at The Castle Cinema and include rarely screened films like COOL CLUB DANCERS (d. Joan Littlewood, 1963), COLLECTIVE HUM (d. Black Obsidian Sound System, 2019), AUDRE LORDE IN CONVERSATION WITH… (d. Late Start Film & Video Collective, 1985), HOW DOES AN INVISIBLE BOY DISAPPEAR (d. Rehana Zaman, Liverpool Black Women Filmmakers, 2018), and DREAMING RIVERS (d. Judah (Martina) Attile, Sankofa Film & Video Collective, 1988).

We will be hosting Q&As after each screening with members from the collectives, and screening newsreels from various regional archives including National Library of Scotland and London Screen Archives.

Through its focus on ‘the collective’, the programme historicizes a past and envisions a future where the film industry finds faith in working collaboratively, on a grassroots level. Through collectives, film communities for marginalised people have burgeoned across the UK, as support systems and mechanisms of mutual aid in an increasingly hostile industry. As a film collective since 2018, Habibi Collective maps this legacy for the first time, signifying the political power of the collective.

This particular programme unravels a history where a significant change happened in our society thanks to collectives and small organised movements shining a light on untold stories which we find are parallel to the cultural crossroads we face ourselves in current times.


  • NIGHTCLEANERS d. Berwick Street Collective, 1975 + COUNCIL HOUSING IN BETHNAL GREEN d. Joan Littlewood, 1963 (07 NOV 16:30).
  • BHANGARA JIG d. Pratibha Parmar, 1990, WHO TAKES THE RAP: IMMIGRATION d. Women + The Law Collective, 1986, YOU’ll NEVER WALK ALONE d. WiTCH, 1984 + BITTER WAGES d. The Woman and Work Hazards Group, 1984 (20 NOV 16:00).
  • COOL CLUB DANCERS d. Joan Littlewood, 1963, COLLECTIVE HUM d. Black Obsidian Sound System, 2019, AUDRE LORDE IN CONVERSATION WITH… d. Late Start Film & Video Collective, 1985, HOW DOES AN INVISIBLE BOY DISAPPEAR d. Rehana Zaman, Liverpool Black Women Filmmakers, 2018, + DREAMING RIVERS d. Judah (Martina) Attile, Sankofa Film & Video Collective, 1988 (27 NOV 16:00).




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