Raindance Film Festival presents horror film strand ‘Screamdance’ in venues & online (27 OCT to 06 NOV 2021).

Horror film strand ‘Screamdance’ returns to Raindance Film Festival 2021, bringing you the most thought-provoking indie horror films of the past year. In venues & online at Curzon Home Cinema.

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Our annual bid to bring you the best horror shows in London this #Halloween continues with a shout out to the wonderful people at Raindance Film Festival (27 OCT to 06 NOV 2021). The festival opens today, releasing their parasitic horror film strand #Screamdance into venues and online from 28 OCT. Organisers said:

“The films we’ve chosen for you – VAMPIR, FATHER OF FLIES, THE WELDER, WHERE’S ROSE and THE SECRET OF SINCHANEE – tackle topical issues such as racism, sexual violence, isolation, mental health issues and family trauma, but also provide some bloody good laughs (with, of course, bloody being the operative word). Prepare for devils, demons, vampires, evil stepmothers, creepy siblings and blow-torch wielding maniacs, as well as a bloodcurdling step-by-step account of how to make your own haggis.”


Four of the five feature films in the official Screamdance strand (listed and linked below), also stream online thanks to Curzon Home Cinema where you can catch the titles in limited release windows up until the 09 NOV.

  • THE SECRET OF SINCHANEE d. Steven Grayhm, 2020 + Q&A at Genesis Cinema (28 OCT 20:30) / International Premiere / The survivor of a double murder returns to his childhood home only to discover a paranormal presence.
  • WHERE’S ROSE d. John Mathis, 2020 + Q&A at Genesis Cinema (01 NOV 21:05) / International Premiere / A missing girl is seemingly found, but her brother enters a deadly game of cat-and-mouse to discover who or what has really taken her place.
  • THE WELDER d. David Liz, 2021 + Q&A at Genesis Cinema (02 NOV 21:00) / International Premiere / A traumatised ex-soldier takes what should be a relaxing holiday with her boyfriend, only to find themselves in a fight for their lives.
  • VAMPIR d. Branko Tomovic, 2021 + Q&A at Genesis Cinema (05 NOV 20:30) / UK Premiere / A witness to a crime flees London, deciding to hide himself in a remote Serbian village – but he begins to have nightmarish visions.
  • FATHER OF FLIES d. Ben Charles-Edwards, 2021 + Q&A at Curzon Hoxton (06 NOV 20:40) / World Premiere / A haunting tale of family life, starring Camilla Rutherford alongside Nicholas Tucci in his final role.

The festival’s closing night gala is a screening of MEDUSA (2021), a “horror-musical-comedy” from Brazilian filmmaker Anita Rocha da Silveira (main featured image). Following its debut at Cannes Directors Fortnight, MEDUA is inspired by mythical and real-life violence by women against women and set against a backdrop of toxic masculinity and right-wing politics. The film sees a group of Christian women gang up to attack women who they judge to be too liberal or too promiscuous in this horror-musical-comedy. This special gala screening promises “a night of music, full-on drag shows across the venue, and raucous fun”. Your £25 ticket includes complimentary drink and pizza after the show.

You can read our RADIANT CIRCUS thoughts on the last in-venue edition of Raindance/Screamdance in 2019 with our festival reports HERE.

Horror film strand ‘Screamdance‘ projects as part of Raindance 2021 & is booking now (27 OCT to 06 NOV 2021)!




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