Rebecca del Tufo presents TLC at The Lexi Cinema (19 & 26 JUL 2022)

TLC (aka Tender Loving Care for Trans-Led / Trans-Loved Cinema) is a holding space for trans curators, writers & thinkers within cinema exhibition.

Submitted by Rebecca del Tufo

TLC at the Lexi is produced by programmer Rebecca del Tufo and will comprise two events in July 2022. This is an opportunity for the trans community and cis allies to celebrate, learn and share.

The programme features two films chosen by writer and filmmaker Juliet Jacques, and film and culture writer Lillian Crawford.

Juliet Jacques says:
“I chose Magic Mirror because it’s a fascinating take on proto-queer, proto-Surrealist writer and artist Claude Cahun, whose work is currently undergoing a rediscovery and revival. In restaging Cahun’s photographs and tableaux from Cahun’s book Cancelled Confessions, and combining them with Cahun’s tex from the same work, director Sarah Pucill makes a compelling film about identity, selfhood, and how creative art can help us to better understand ourselves.”

Lillian Crawford says:
“I would like to screen Funeral Parade of Roses as an earlier example of a radical form of queer cinema from a time and place that is generally overlooked when talking about LGBT+ films. It’s important to celebrate and discuss precedents for modern understandings of queerness, to find its heritage and share that with others. The film itself does this, by taking Oedipus Rex and reinterpreting the story for a 1960s audience and using the experimental style of the Japanese New Wave by Toshio Matsumoto to change the cinematic language audiences are used to.”

Tuesday 19 July, 7.30pm, Juliet Jacques in conversation with Sarah Pucill, following a screening of MAGIC MIRROR

MAGIC MIRROR combines a re-staging of the French surrealist artist Claude Cahun’s black and white photographs with selected extracts from her book Aveux non avenus (1930, Confessions Denied). In Surrealist kaleidoscopic fashion, the film weaves images and words, exploring the links between Cahun’s photographs and writing and Pucill’s own films, as both artists share similar iconography and concerns.

Tuesday 26 July, 7.30pm, Lillian Crawford introduces FUNERAL PARADE OF ROSES

This magnificent film shines a spotlight on the ‘gay boy’ subculture of late-1960s Japan, specifically the gender-nonconforming hostesses of a Tokyo gay bar. A celebration of youth and subcultures, a condemnation of intolerance, and a one-of-a-kind cinematic experience, this is a kaleidoscopic masterpiece and one of the most intoxicating films of the 1960s. Transgender actor Pîtâ gives an astonishing performance.

TLC at the Lexi is part of a project led by Inclusive Cinema, a UK-wide project developed by the BFI Film Audience Network (FAN) designed to support screen exhibitors. Together, we celebrate diversity on screen, in the audience and behind the camera.

TLC at The Lexi Cinema (19 & 26 JUL).




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