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THE BALLY #10: Sensational screens you must not miss [23 to 29 NOV]


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Films in London this month: WANG BING: BITTER MONEY at Tate Modern (23 to 25 NOV).

Our featured attraction of the month is WANG BING: TRACES at Tate Modern (23 to 25 NOV):

“A leading figure in documentary cinema, Wang Bing’s singular body of films witness the accelerated transformation of China’s landscape with a deep sense of intimacy and sincerity. Primarily working alone or with a very small crew, his films use natural light and long shots as they observe the everyday lives and struggles of people living on the margins of Chinese society.” – Tate.

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THIS WEEK [23 to 29 NOV]:

Radiant Circus Screen Guide - Films in London this week: DEAD SOULS at ICA (27 & 28 NOV).

If you can’t get enough of Wang Bing at Tate Modern with their excellent weekender (23 to 25 NOV), there’s more…

Across the river – and a little later in the screen week – ICA hosts the UK premiere of Wang Bing’s 8hr epic DEAD SOULS over two nights (27 to 28 NOV): “This monumental and unique work reconstructs an underknown chapter of Chinese history by providing essential testimony from survivors of the Jiabiangou and Mingshui re-education camps.”

> Full details in our weekly digest, HERE.

FRI //:

THE JUDGE + Skype Q&A with director Erika Cohn at DocHouse (23 NOV 18:30):

  • Confronting institutionalised sexism within an established, traditional court of law is no easy task – especially in the Middle East. However the remarkably courageous, undeniably talented Judge Kholoud did it anyway – becoming the first woman judge to be appointed to the Shari’a law courts in Palestine.
  • THE JUDGE then enjoys a grind show run (23 to 29 NOV).

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SAT //:

EVELYN + Q&A + WALK with members of the film team & family at Picturehouse Central (24 NOV 12:30):

  • When his brother died by suicide at 22, Orlando and his other two siblings buried the trauma, rarely talking about it. Over a decade later, the remaining family set out on a hiking tour, visiting landscapes his brother Evelyn had liked to walk.
  • Afterwards, the audience will be invited on a “walk and talk” in the local area.

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SUN //:

THE COHENS AND THE KELLYS + LIVE ACCOMPANIMENT by Dermot Dunne & Nick Roth at Barbican (25 NOV 15:30):

  • The first of a series of eight comedies featuring the Cohens and Kellys – two quarrelling families that can’t get away from each other. A live score, drawing lavishly on Irish and Jewish Folk music traditions, is provided by multi-award-winning Irish accordionist Dermot Dunne, saxophonist Nick Roth, improvising violinist Cora Venus Lunny and cellist Adrian Mantu.

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MON //:

THE WATERMELON WOMAN + INTRO by Grace Barber-Plentie at The Lexi (26 NOV 18:30):

  • Lexi Film School presents: The first film directed by a gay black woman, this funny, frank and incisive indie explores black women’s roles in cinema through the story of Cheryl, a video store worker who decides to make her own movie.

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TUES //:

THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (1925) + THE HAUNTED HOUSE (1921) + LIVE ACCOMPANIMENT by Meg Morley at The 1901 Arts Club (27 NOV 19:30):

  • Immortalised as ‘the man of a thousand faces’, Lon Chaney Sr. was one of the giants of silent cinema, combining an intense acting style with ground-breaking make-up techniques to deliver a series of powerhouse performances. He is now perhaps best remembered for his horror roles, with one of the most famous being THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (1925).

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WED //:

THE DREAMERS + INTRO at The Castle Cinema (28 NOV 21:00):

  • Zodiac Film Club presents: Bernardo Bertolucci’s love letter to cinema, Paris and, er… three-way unconventional romance. Matthew (Michael Pitt) a young American student in Paris meets fellow cinephiles and beguiling siblings Isabelle (Eva Green) and Theo (Louis Garrel). Amidst the student riots of 1968, the three retreat into fantasy and fun in a crumbling apartment.

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THU //:

LAKE MUNGO at BFI Southbank (29 NOV 20:50):

  • Terror Vision presents: Despite being one of this century’s most critically acclaimed horror films, Joel Anderson’s multi-layered faux-documentary remains criminally underseen. Following the sudden death of their 16-year-old daughter, the distraught Palmer family invite a psychic and a parapsychologist into their home to uncover the truth behind the tragedy.

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CEUTA, DOUCE PRISON aka Ceuta, Prison By The Sea at Root25 (30 NOV 19:00):

  • Maghreb Ciné and Restless Beings present: With no voice-over or added commentary, Ceuta, Prison by the Sea is a powerful documentary that focuses on the Spanish enclave of Ceuta, in northern Morocco, which has become a hub for an increasing number of refugees from Africa and Asia.

> More event info HERE.


LA PROFEZIA DELL’ARMADILLO at Genesis Cinema (09 DEC 18:00):

CinemaItaliaUK presents: An ironic comedy based on the graphic novels by ZeroCalcare. Zero is a procrastinating twenty-something guy living in the suburbs of Rome who deals daily with demotivating temporary jobs, his friendship with Secco and the presence of a giant Armadillo working as his conscience and advisor.

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Films in London this week: THE THIEF AND THE COBBLER A MOMENT IN TIME at BFI (25 NOV).
ANIMATION 2018 at BFI Southbank (2018):

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Films in London this week: THE BUZZER at Walthamstow Smartphone Film Festival (23 NOV).

Walthamstow Smartphone Film Festival: Documentary specialists Last Frame Club are hosting their first Smartphone Film Festival in Walthamstow this Friday (23 NOV 18:00). RADIANT CIRCUS chatted with co-director Vera Hems Anderson about new adventures in handheld movie making.

> Read our interview HERE, then book for the festival HERE (23 NOV 18:00).
Filikino presents: TODO TODO TEROS at Genesis Cinema (05 DEC).

Filikino: In our continuing series of interviews with London’s independent curators, Anna de Guia-Eriksson talks Filikino, a programme of classic and contemporary Philippine cinema, the Philippine film industry and recent audience responses to ALIPATO by Khavn De La Cruz at Genesis Cinema.

> Read our interview HERE, then book for the next Filikino film in the series, TODO TODO TEROS at Genesis Cinema (05 DEC 18:30).

Films in London today: SPECTRES OF THE SPECTRUM at Close-Up (15 NOV).

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