This is a film still from PORTRAIT OF A LADY ON FIRE which screens at BFI Southbank on reopening day (17 & 30 MAY).

THE BALLY #105: Highlights from London’s alternative cinema scene

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By RADIANT CIRCUS // Twitter @radiantcircus / Instagram @radiantcircus

At the time of posting, England’s reopening programme is going well and therefore London’s indoor screen venues will be joining their outdoor cousins from 17 May. In celebration, we’ve posted our first epic monthly roundup since venues closed in March 2020. It’s also the first since we rebuilt our website which has brought its own teething problems… As RADIANT CIRCUS gets back up to speed, we apologise for being a bit late handing in our homework…

We’ve listed as many FILM FESTIVALS, REPERTORY SEASONS, and OUTDOOR FILM SEASONS as we could find at the time of posting. As pace continues to build, we will add new content as we find it: follow us @radiantcircus for updates. We will also post our first weekly SCREEN GUIDE since last November in time for reopening week: this is where we list as many one-off screen events as we can lay our blogging hands on.

With so many delights returning to our screens, we return to an invidious situation of our own making: choosing a Featured Attraction of the month. We’ll defer judgement by simply celebrating the BFI’s winner of their audience vote to re-open BFI Southbank, as promoted on their Instagram: Céline Sciamma’s luminous PORTRAIT OF A LADY ON FIRE screens on 17 and 30 MAY. This choice pairs well with the WOMEN PIONEERS OF FRENCH CINEMA season at Ciné Lumière where you can see Jacqueline Audry’s 1951 film OLIVIA from a new 4K restoration (19 MAY) and Agnès Varda’s CLÉO DE 5 À 7 (30 MAY).

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See you in darkness again soon,


Main featured image: PORTRAIT OF A LADY ON FIRE d. Céline Sciamma, 2019 part of DREAM PALACE at BFI Southbank (17 MAY 20:45 / 30 MAY 12:20).

This is a film still from PLAYING AWAY which screens at Screen25 Cinema On Demand from 05 May 2021.

PLAYING AWAY + PATRICK added to Screen25 Cinema On Demand (from 05 MAY 2021)

Screen25 Cinema has added PLAYING AWAY + PATRICK to their On Demand service, featuring a collaboration with The Twelve30 Collective. READ MORE

Online events at Birkbeck Institute Of The Moving Image (MAY to JUN 2021)

Birkbeck Institute Of The Moving Image (BIMI) continues their excellent series of FREE online events. READ MORE

This is a film still from POLY STYRENE: I AM A CLICHÉ which screens at Catford Mews from 21 MAY 2021.

Catford Mews reopening programme (from 21 MAY 2021)

Fresh from our coverage of their London Short Film Festival screenings (25 to 28 JUN), Catford Mews has launched their reopening week programme (from 21 MAY 2021)! READ MORE

This is a screen grab of the new Lexi Cinema website.

Lexi Cinema reopening programme (from 17 MAY 2021)

Fresh from the successes of their funding campaign for a second screen & the tragedy of a fire in their foyer during shutdown, Lexi Cinema is back (with a sexy new website)! READ MORE

Archlight Cinema reopening programme (from 17 MAY 2021)

Battersea’s Archlight Cinema has announced their reopening programme, & it’s a monster! READ MORE

London Short Film Festival highlights at Catford Mews (25 to 28 JUN 2021)

Catford Mews starts screening again from 21 May 2021. You can also book for selections from this year’s London Short Film Festival. READ MORE

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