THE BALLY #119: What to see in London this week [13 to 19 AUG 2021]

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Ciné-Real 16mm Film Club’s presentation of PULP FICTION from 16MM are selling fast at The Castle Cinema (we might have missed something, but an earlier date seems to have been added to meet demand!). In their usual manner, The Prince Charles delivers two day/date horror specials this week with the original FRIDAY THE 13TH on, you guest it, and Tobe Hooper’s THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE from 35MM on 18 AUG (the date of the supposed ‘true life’ events in the film).

As we near the middle of the month, new seasons have started to crop up. Distributors Park Circus and Cinema Rediscovered have put together a great touring package – 1971: THE YEAR HOLLYWOOD WENT INDEPENDENT – which delivers a full run of titles at ICA (see SEASONS) and some standalone screenings at Riverside Studios (see daily listings). We’re also delighted to see our friends Stow Film Lounge present a new outdoor run of their Cycle-In-Cinema which starts this week at Pimp Hall Park in Chingford with THE IRON GIANT and DONNIE DARKO (19 AUG / FREE, no booking required!).

Our festivals listings get a little fatter this week with the continuation of The Blue Tick Festival at Rio Cinema (10 to 19 AUG) and opening nights for Everyman Music Film Festival (from 17 AUG) and S.O.U.L. Fest (18 to 22 AUG).

In new releases, THE COURIER screens pretty much everywhere, followed by I’M YOUR MAN and WILDLAND, but we think BLOW IT TO BITS which has an exclusive showing at ICA looks just as worthy of your attention. Then, that rarest of screen attractions, CODA, which deals with teenage Child Of Deaf Adults Ruby’s ambitions to make it as a singer and features Emilia Jones as Ruby and Marlee Matlin and Troy Kotsur as her parents. The Castle Cinema gives the film suitable royal treatment with two special screenings (13 and 15 AUG – see daily listings). Finally, we’ve listed several screenings of Kotaro Tamura’s JOSEE, THE TIGER AND THE FISH simply because we don’t get many new animation releases beyond the multiplex mainstream.

Our Featured Attraction of the Week is always the event we’d most like to be at (if we could only pick just one…). This week, that honour goes to THOSE THAT, AT A DISTANCE, RESEMBLE ANOTHER, Jessica Sarah Rinland’s 2019 debut feature which screens with a Q&A with the director and Richard Sabin, Natural History Museum Curator of Mammals at ICA (14 AUG 18:30).

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PS – Before we go, a few quiet words about events we’ve had a hand in. First up, our subscribers at Patreon are sponsoring Zodiac Film Club’s presentation of IN THE CUT at Mama Shelter as part of our Revive The Dark initiative (07 SEP 18:30+). Then RADIANT CIRCUS will be launching our new series of networking events for anyone who creates indie screen culture in London, WunderKammer Live at Filly Brook (17 SEP 18:30+). Finally, BITE ME! is a queer horror double bill we’re presenting with our pals at Last Frame Film Club (19 SEP 16:00+). Hopefully see you all at all of them!

THOSE THAT, AT A DISTANCE, RESEMBLE ANOTHER d. Jessica Sarah Rinland, 2019 + Q&A with the director & Natural History Museum Curator of Mammals, Richard Sabin at ICA (14 AUG 18:30).

  • “The ICA presents the debut feature by Argentinian-British artist-filmmaker Jessica Sarah Rinland, a meditative contemplation on conservation, preservation and authenticity through a singular prism: the gradual fabrication of a replica elephant’s tusk. Rinland offsets the sterility of the multiple laboratory settings with a sumptuous colour palette (filmed on Super 16mm), hypnotically capturing a series of hands as they undertake a series of delicate tasks with care and precision in a process that falls midway between science and art.”


CODA d. Siân Heder, 2020 + Recorded Q&A with the director and cast members Marlee Matlin, Emilia Jones, Troy Kotsur and Daniel Durant at The Castle Cinema (13 AUG 21:00).



THOSE THAT, AT A DISTANCE, RESEMBLE ANOTHER d. Jessica Sarah Rinland, 2019 + Q&A with the director & Natural History Museum Curator of Mammals, Richard Sabin at ICA (14 AUG 18:30).


TWO-LANE BLACKTOP d. Monte Hellman, 1971 at Riverside Studios (15 AUG 14:45).

This is a film still from DESERT HEARTS at The Prince Charles.


DESERT HEARTS d. Donna Deitch, 1986 + Short: FROM A TO Q d. Emmalie El Fadli, 2021 presented by Unicorn Nights at The Prince Charles (16 AUG 20:45).


SONGS FOR WHILE I’M AWAY d. Emer Reynolds, 2020 + Zoom Q&A with the director at Bertha DocHouse (17 AUG 18:20) / Part of THE IRISH FOR HOPE.

This is a film still from THE AMERICAN FRIEND [Der amerikanische Freund] at The Prince Charles Cinema (18 AUG 2021).


THE AMERICAN FRIEND 35MM aka Der amerikanische Freund d. Wim Wenders, 1977 at The Prince Charles (18 AUG 17:45).

This is a film still from CENSOR at The Prince Charles (19 AUG 2021).


CENSOR d. Prano Bailey-Bond, 2021 + Q&A with the director & The Final Girls at The Prince Charles (19 AUG 18:15).

Cycle-In-Cinema presented by Stow Film Lounge

  • Includes (check promoter for full listings): THE IRON GIANT d. Brad Bird, 1999 at Pimp Hall Park, Chingford E4 (19 AUG 15:30+ – FREE!/No booking required); DONNIE DARKO d. Richard Kelly, 2001 at Pimp Hall Park, Chingford E4 (19 AUG 18:30+ – FREE!/No booking required).

BLOW IT TO BITS aka On va tout péter d. Lech Kowalski, 2019 at ICA (13 to 19 AUG various times).

CODA d. Siân Heder, 2020


THE DOOM GENERATION d. Gregg Araki, 1995

THE DOOM GENERATION d. Gregg Araki, 1995 presented by Deeper Into Movies at Dalston Roof Park (16 AUG 20:00).

Hold the date: WunderKammer Live networking event at the Filly Brook (17 SEP 18:30+) // Free! // Booking opens soon.
Hold the date: BITE ME! A Queer Horror Double Bill at the Filly Brook (19 SEP 16:00+) // Free! // Booking opens soon.

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