This is a film still from IN THE CUT (2003), presented by Zodiac Film Club with the support of RADIANT CIRCUS (07 SEP 19:30).
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Zodiac Film Club presents IN THE CUT (2003) at Mama Shelter (07 SEP 2021)

REVIVE THE DARK: We’re delighted to announce the first screening to be sponsored as part of our #ReviveTheDark initiative is Jane Campion’s “criminally under-watched erotic thriller”, IN THE CUT (2003), presented by Zodiac Film Club at Mama Shelter E2 (07 SEP 18:30+).

By RADIANT CIRCUS // Twitter @radiantcircus / Instagram @radiantcircus

Revive The Dark is an audience-backed initiative to support and celebrate alternative screen culture in London powered by funding from subscribers at RADIANT CIRCUS. We are creating an Exhibitor Fund by redirecting 40% of the income we get from monthly fees to sponsor the thing we love: DIY, diverse, distinctive cinema. We are then inviting established film exhibitors to pitch for funding to help them return to in-venue screenings.

We chose Zodiac Film Club’s presentation of IN THE CUT as our first sponsored event for a number of reasons. Firstly, when Zodiac co-founder Sarah Kathryn Cleaver pitched the film, she had us instantly hooked with a delicious plot summary, which we can’t repeat here because, well, spoilers… Sarah’s irresistible pitch aside, IN THE CUT is more widely recognised as the film that virtually killed Meg Ryan’s career and was pitched in entirely the wrong way to investors by Jane Campion when seeking backing for the original concept (by her own admission…). It’s ripe for a revival.

Writing about why this film deserves to be seen now, Zodiac Film Club has this to say:

We love IN THE CUT for its soft vision of worlds that belong to women, the inscrutable strength and intellect of its main character… and that scene where Mark Ruffalo goes down on Meg Ryan.

Zodiac Film Club

As to the film’s plot? It goes something like this… “When a body is discovered in her back garden, English teacher Frannie (Meg Ryan) meets Detective Malloy (Mark Ruffalo) and is drawn from her introverted world of language, observation and sisterly bonds to one of sex, danger and emotional ambivalence.”

We’ll have more to say about IN THE CUT and Revive The Dark in the coming weeks, but for now a huge thank you to our monthly subscribers at Patreon. Without them, not only would this blog have ground to a halt, but we wouldn’t be able to come back from shutdown fighting hard for the thing we love.

Zodiac Film Club is an entirely independent film exhibitor, dedicated to “good looking films” and “complex female characters”. Screening an overlooked gem like IN THE CUT could be too much of a risk without some kind of help. Which is exactly why Revive The Dark seems like the right thing for us to be doing right now…

Do three things to show your support for DIY, diverse and distinctive cinema:

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