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The Twelve30 Collective presents NO PLACE LIKE HOME at Rio Cinema (26 SEP 2021)

We’re delighted to announce the next screening supported by our #ReviveTheDark campaign: The Twelve30 Collective presents Perry Henzell’s NO PLACE LIKE HOME at Rio Cinema (26 SEP 15:45).

By RADIANT CIRCUS // Twitter @radiantcircus / Instagram @radiantcircus / #ReviveTheDark

Revive The Dark is an audience-backed campaign to promote alternative screen culture in London, powered by funding from subscribers at RADIANT CIRCUS. Together, we are creating an Exhibitor Fund by redirecting 40% of the income we get from monthly fees to sponsor the thing we love: DIY, diverse, distinctive cinema. We are then inviting film exhibitors to pitch for funding to help them return to in-venue screenings after the pandemic.

We’re (very!) delighted to announce our next sponsored screening is The Twelve30 Collective‘s presentation of NO PLACE LIKE HOME at Rio Cinema (26 SEP 15:45). NO PLACE LIKE HOME is Perry Henzell’s little-known follow-up to the classic THE HARDER THEY COME. A freewheeling road movie through 1970s Jamaica, the film was believed lost for over 25 years. Rediscovered and restored, the definitive version is now being presented for the first time around the UK.

Starring THE HARDER THEY COME’s Carl Bradshaw, PJ Soles (CARRIE, HALLOWEEN) and introducing Grace Jones, NO PLACE LIKE HOME boasts a soundtrack including Bob Marley, Etta James, and Toots and the Maytals. The film is both a sun-kissed love letter to Jamaica and a thoughtful examination of it.

The British theatrical release of NO PLACE LIKE HOME is being spearheaded by The Twelve30 Collective. Founded by Jonathan Ali and Lisa Harewood, Twelve30 is an independent film curating initiative reframing Caribbean cinema for UK audiences. NO PLACE LIKE HOME premiered at the Watershed in Bristol as part of the Cinema Rediscovered festival and can now be seen across the country as part of Cinema Rediscovered On Tour.

Our founder and barker-in-chief at RADIANT CIRCUS had this to say:

The pitch from Jonathan and Lisa at Twelve30 Collective was a combination of everything we love. An amazing indie exhibitor, creating the kind of diverse cinema that’s entirely absent from the mainstream (multiplex or arthouse!). The long journey to revive a film, once thought lost, then even further delayed by the global pandemic. And, a much-loved London indie venue that recently went through its own radical transformation to better connect with its local audiences. This is exactly the kind of cinema we started RADIANT CIRCUS to promote and we couldn’t be more delighted to be giving it our full support.


Jonathan Ali of The Twelve30 Collective said this about RADIANT CIRCUS / Revive Dark.

“When RADIANT CIRCUS announced the #ReviveTheDark initiative, we thought it could provide the perfect boost for us on our return to in-person cinema screenings after a year of online events. Not only have RADIANT CIRCUS proven themselves indefatigable champions of independent film exhibition in London in general, they’ve also provided enthusiastic support for the Twelve30 Collective and our mission to screen Caribbean cinema right from the start (we’ve been their Featured Attraction of the Week twice now!). With indie exhibition continuing to be as precarious as it is, and with the increasing challenges of promoting indie screenings on social media, RADIANT CIRCUS are more necessary than ever. We’re honoured and excited to partner with them.”

Jonathan Ali // The Twelve30 Collective


NO PLACE LIKE HOME is presented by The Twelve30 Collective at Rio Cinema and is booking now (26 SEP 15:45).

To hear more about how Twelve30 Collective has brought NO PLACE LIKE HOME to British screens, Jonathan and Lisa will be talking at WunderKammer Live, the new showcase and networking event about alternative screen culture in London. WunderKammer Live is curated by RADIANT CIRCUS and is presented as part of Leytonstone Loves Film 2021. Booking now (17 SEP 19:00 / Free!).

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