This is a film still from THE CABINET OF DR CALIGARI, screening at ArtHouse Crouch End (10 OCT 2021).

THE BALLY #124: What to see in London this week [08 to 14 OCT 2021]

Welcome to THE BALLY where we help you find what to see in London this week across DIY, indie & alternative cinema events, online, outdoors & in venues.

By RADIANT CIRCUS // Twitter @radiantcircus / Instagram @radiantcircus

What with Bond and the 65th BFI London Film Festival, you’d think it would be quiet out there… but there’s a surprising number of new releases this week, if you’re prepared to travel to London’s specialist indie screens (both ICA and Bertha DocHouse have some exclusive engagements that are thoroughly worth checking out). And of course, our friends The Twelve30 Collective are at Catford Mews with a week-long run of NO PLACE LIKE HOME, kicking things off in style with a Q&A with director Perry Henzell’s daughter, Justine (08 OCT).

In venue news, this could be the week that Act One Cinema opens in Acton. Built by volunteers from the old library building, this two screen cinema, community centre and cafe will be a thrilling new addition to London’s DIY (literally!) scene. Elsewhere, and following last week’s news about a reopening agreement between The David Lean Cinema and Croydon Council, the venue’s website now says they will be reopening “towards the end of October”. Deptford Cinema continues to look for a new location and, after a burst of summer events, will be doubling down on their efforts to convert their Community Interest Company into a charity and find “a long-term, suitable and sustainable new home”. 

Wimbledon Film Club has a great week ahead with another outing of their Wimbledon International Short Film Festival (09 OCT) and a screening of a wonderful film about the value of cinema, TALKING ABOUT TREES (13 OCT). New film club Jellied Reels is back at The Castle Cinema for their second event Big City Trouble, a surprise double bill of a short and a feature, both themed around “the joyful chaos of city living. Grit and grandeur, style and substance. The metropolis has it all. Lunatics included” (14 OCT).

For Black History Month, Black Femme Film Club continues their MOVIES THAT MADE US season at Picturehouse with SET IT OFF (08 OCT) whilst Genesis serves up four outstanding films over four nights as part of their LONDON THROUGHOUT THE DECADESPRESSURE (10 OCT); BABYLON (11 OCT); YOUNG SOUL REBELS 35mm (12 OCT; and, A MOVING IMAGE (13 OCT). The Prince Charles continues to blaze a trail for horror film programming, both with their own content and continuing seasons from guest student programmers Sophie Determan (THE FEMALE OF THE SPECIES IS MORE DEADLY THAN THE MALE) and Geoffrey Badger (LOST VAMPIRES).

Speaking of scary movies… our Featured Attraction of the Week is a special presentation of one of the most influential films of all time (horror or otherwise…). Robert Wiene’s THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI screens with a live electronic soundtrack by Sam Enthoven and Arkadiusz Potyka at ArtHouse Crouch End (10 OCT). 

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THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI d. Robert Wiene, 1920 + Live electronic soundtrack by Sam Enthoven & Arkadiusz Potyka at ArtHouse Crouch End (10 OCT 17:00).

  • “One of the most iconic masterpieces in cinema history, Robert Wiene’s Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari shook filmgoers worldwide and changed the direction of the art form. Now presented in a definitive restoration, the film’s chilling, radically expressionist vision is set to grip viewers again.
  • Sam Enthoven and Arkadiusz Potyka bring electronic sound to silent cinema. Ark plays bass and other noise machines; Sam plays found sounds and a unique Russian instrument from the dawn of electronic music – the theremin. From minimal elements (and no laptops) they conjure up a richly atmospheric soundworld, helping audiences find new life and meaning in some of the world’s finest old films.”


PROMISING YOUNG WOMAN d. Emerald Fennell, 2020 at Screen25 Cinema at Harris Academy South Norwood (08 OCT 19:45).


Wimbledon International Short Film Festival at Polka Theatre SW19 (09 OCT).

This is a film still from THE CABINET OF DR CALIGARI, screening at ArtHouse Crouch End (10 OCT 2021).


THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI d. Robert Wiene, 1920 + Live electronic soundtrack by Sam Enthoven & Arkadiusz Potyka at ArtHouse Crouch End (10 OCT 17:00).

This is a film still from JODOROWSKY’S DUNE, screening at Hackney Picturehouse today (11 OCT 2021).


JODOROWSKY’S DUNE d. Frank Pavich, 2013 at Picturehouse Hackney (11 OCT 20:45).

This is a film still from YOUNG SOUL REBELS (d. Isaac Julien, 1991), screening at Genesis Cinema today for Black History Month (12 OCT 2021).


YOUNG SOUL REBELS 35mm d. Isaac Julien, 1991 at Genesis Cinema (12 OCT 21:00) / Part of LONDON THROUGHOUT THE DECADES.

This is a film still from TALKING ABOUT TREES (d. Suhaib Gasmelbari, 2019), screening at Wimbledon Film Club today (13 OCT 2021).


TALKING ABOUT TREES d. Suhaib Gasmelbari, 2019 + Q&A with film critic Danny Leigh presented by Wimbledon Film Club at Curzon Wimbledon (13 OCT 20:00).


Jellied Reels: Big City Trouble surprise double bill at The Castle Cinema (14 OCT 21:00).


  • Includes (check venue for full listings): PRESSURE d. Horace Ové, 1976 (10 OCT 20:30 – featured image); BABYLON d. Franco Rosso, 1980 (11 OCT 21:00); YOUNG SOUL REBELS 35mm d. Isaac Julien, 1991 (12 OCT 21:00); A MOVING IMAGE d. Shola Amoo, 2016 (13 OCT 21:00).

FEVER DREAM d. Claudia Llosa, 2021.

NO PLACE LIKE HOME d. Perry Henzell, 1975.

PIER KIDS d. Elegance Bratton, 2019.

  • Venues inc: ICA

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