This is a film still from JUBILEE dir Derek Jarman, 1978 , screening at Rio Cinema (02 JUNE 2022).

THE BALLY #155: What to see in London this week [27 MAY to 02 JUN 2022]

Welcome to THE BALLY where we help you find what to see in London this week across DIY, indie & alternative cinema events, online, outdoors & in venues.

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#QueerHorrorNights continue with David Cronenberg’s THE FLY (1986) at The Castle Cinema (Friday 24 JUNE 19:00): booking now!

Welcome to another screen week! 

Stow Film Lounge opens up your new screen week with Kenneth Branagh’s BELFAST at Creative Works, whilst Rare Cinema Europe does what it says on the tin with a screening of LIFE IS A DOG aka Život je pes at The Cinema Museum. Terror Vision continues at BFI with Abel Ferrara’s MS .45 (aka Angel of Vengeance) and one of two chances this week to join Rebel Reel Cine Club starts with a 25th Anniversary late night screening of GUMMO at Rio Cinema (all 27 MAY).

Saturday invites you over the threshold of the weekend to encounter Hammer Horror’s DRACULA at Grove Gardens Chapel, or you could catch one of several screenings this week by the fabulous folk at Doc’N Roll with IN A SILENT WAY at The Castle Cinema. Wonder Reels – proponents of live music and film events at The Cinema Museum – pair Pasolini’s TEOREMA from 35mm with artist Marta Salogni who “duets with tape machines, using them as instruments to weave intricate mazes of tape loops and echoes through the manipulation of both live and recorded sounds”, which sounds pretty amazing… (all 28 MAY).

On Sunday, there’s a special Tribute to Verity Lambert at Riverside Studios, Ciné-Real 16mm Film Club concludes their trio of screenings of BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S from 16mm at The Castle Cinema, The Vito Project LGBTQ+ Film Club continues their Re-Opening the Celluloid Closet programme with COMPULSION from 35mm at The Cinema Museum, and Queer Film Club at London LGBTQ+ Community Centre presents one of this week’s two screenings of Cheryl Dunye’s THE WATERMELON WOMAN.

Monday used to be the quietest of screen days, but this week we get COME AND SEE aka Idi i smotri from Deeper Into Movies at Farr’s Dalston, a ‘Gaspar Noé presents’ screening of TOKYO STORY at Picturehouse, and another excellent Ukraine fundraiser from King’s College London, Un/Building: Short Films & Architecture in Ukraine. Of course, NEVER TOO YOUNG TO DIE from Crap Film Club featuring The Celluloid Sorceress is entirely irresistible (all 30 MAY).

Wimbledon Film Club gives you good reason to ‘go West’ on Tuesday with a special screening of hugely popular ‘one take wonder’ BOILING POINT including a Q&A with producers Bart Ruspoli & Hester Ruoff at Curzon Wimbledon. Mondo Nights have teamed up with Hackney Cop Watch to present William Friedkin’s CRUISING which will be preceded by a ‘Know Your Rights’ training session at Biddle Bros, and Tufnell Park Film Club pay their respects to Ray Liotta with GOODFELLAS at The Lord Palmerston (all 31 MAY).

Wednesday gives you in-person encounter directors of genre cinema, including a preview screening of DASHCAM presented by Evolution of Horror at Genesis (currently looking sold out!), and a double bill of SPRING + THE ENDLESS featuring an intro/Q&A with directors Justin Benson & Aaron Moorhead at The Prince Charles. Doc’N Roll have another event at The Castle with KAREN DALTON: IN MY OWN TIME, and it’s great to see more regular film programming returning to Tate Modern with the UK premiere of Karimah Ashadu’s PLATEAU. This is also your second chance this week to see THE WATERMELON WOMAN, this time as part of the Pink Palace programme at Rio Cinema in their basement bar (all 01 JUN).

Thursday wraps your week with a free screening of THE 39 STEPS at Fontaine’s, and a special presentation of FLASH GORDON including a live Smersh Pod recording at Phoenix Cinema. I don’t normally cover family-focused screenings on these pages, but a quick ‘hat tip’ to Black History Walks at Phoenix Cinema for their African Superheroes Day of animation & discussion (all 02 JUN). There’s also a rather significant national celebration straddling your extended Bank Holiday weekend, but more of that in a bit…

It’s a crossover week when rep programming steps boldly into a new month, leading to refreshed programmes and new seasons. An A-Z of this week’s new arrivals includes the following: the concluding part of ICA’s CATALAN CINEMA NOW! trilogy, looking at IDENTITIESCELEBRATING FILM NOIR at The Garden Cinema; CHISWICK PRIDE at Chiswick Cinema; COLLECTIVE MOBILISATION also at ICA; JOURNEYS ACROSS AFRO-FUTURISM at Barbican; JUDY GARLAND: A STAR IS REBORN at BFI; and OF SIN & SALVATION: THE CINEMA OF ROBERT BRESSON and companion season BIG SCREEN CLASSICS: AFTER BRESSON… also at BFI. We’ll cover the full month in our next epic roundup, coming soon…

think it’s a quiet week for festivals, although sometimes it’s hard to tell… That just means you’ve got even more reason to check out the spellbinding programme at Queer East Film Festival before they’re gone for another year (venues across London until 29 MAY).

In this week’s new releases, revivals and restorations, I’ve taken a shine to new title LUZZU from Alex Camilleri, and freshly polished 4K versions of Mike Hodges’ GET CARTER and Alfred Hitchcock’s PSYCHO (which includes 13 seconds of footage cut by censors after the film’s initial theatrical release*).

I’ve chosen Rebel Reel Cine Club’s Alternative Jubilee at Rio Cinema as my Featured Attraction of the Week. Obviously this is entirely in-keeping with a guide about DIY/alternative screen culture, but also Jarman x Jordan.

See you in the darkness, and stay safe.


*If you like the look of PSYCHO, you should definitely discover what Norman did next…

#QueerHorrorNights continue with a double bill of PSYCHO II & PSYCHO III at The Cinema Museum (Sunday 24 JULY 18:30): booking now!

The Alternative Jubilee featuring Pre-show DJ Martin Green + JUBILEE d. Derek Jarman, 1978 + Shorts presented by Rebel Reel Cine Club at Rio Cinema (02 JUN 17:00 + 18:00).

“Derek Jarman’s JUBILEE, the 1978 cult punk film that portrayed the physical and moral decay of London, set at the time of the Queen’s 1977 Silver Jubilee.

“With Martin Green DJing before and a very special pre-screening show in tribute to the iconic Jordan, our true Britannia!”

“JUBILEE was one of the first films to screen at the newly opened Rio in 1979, the UK’s first community run cinema founded by a disparate group of local East End punks, feminists, dreamers and queers, an anti-establishment utopian space which it remains to this day.”

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Terror Vision: MS .45 (aka Angel of Vengeance) d. Abel Ferrara, 1981 at BFI Southbank (27 MAY 18:30).

This is a film still from TEOREMA dir Pier Paolo Pasolini, 1968, screening at The Cinema Museum (28 MAY 2022).


TEOREMA 35mm d. Pier Paolo Pasolini, 1968 + Live music by Marta Salogni presented by Wonder Reels at The Cinema Museum (28 MAY 19:30).

This is a film still from COMPULSION dir Richard Fleischer, 1959, screening at The Cinema Museum (29 MAY 2022).


COMPULSION 35mm d. Richard Fleischer, 1959 + Discussion presented by The Vito Project LGBTQ+ Film Club at The Cinema Museum (29 MAY 18:00) / Part of RE-OPENING THE CELLULOID CLOSET.

This is a film still from NEVER TOO YOUNG TO DIE (1986).


NEVER TOO YOUNG TO DIE dir. Gil Bettman, 1986 + Intro by The Celluloid Sorceress presented by Crap Film Club at The Old Queens Head (30 MAY 19:00).

This is a film still from BOILING POINT dir Philip Barantini, 2021, showing at Curzon Wimbledon (31 MAY 2022).


BOILING POINT d. Philip Barantini, 2021 + Q&A with producers Bart Ruspoli & Hester Ruoff presented by Wimbledon Film Club at Curzon Wimbledon (31 MAY 20:30).


PLATEAU d. Karimah Ashadu, 2022 UK premiere + Shorts + Karimah Ashadu in conversation at Tate Modern (01 JUN 18:30).

This is a film still from JUBILEE dir Derek Jarman, 1978 , screening at Rio Cinema (02 JUNE 2022).


The Alternative Jubilee featuring Pre-show DJ Martin Green + JUBILEE d. Derek Jarman, 1978 + Shorts presented by Rebel Reel Cine Club at Rio Cinema (02 JUN 17:00 + 18:00).

Full daily listings in this week’s SCREEN GUIDE.

This is a film still from SPACE IS THE PLACE dir John Coney, 1974, screening at Barbican (02 JUN 2022).
SPACE IS THE PLACE dir John Coney, 1974, screening at Barbican (02 JUN 2022).


  • Includes (check venue for full listings)SPACE IS THE PLACE d. John Coney, 1974 + Short: HERE IS THE IMAGINATION OF THE BLACK RADICAL d. Rhea Storr, 2021 (02 JUN 18:30).
More rep seasons listed in this week’s SCREEN GUIDE.


RISKY BUSINESS dir. Paul Brickman, 1983 at Bussey Building, Peckham (29 MAY 21:00).

GET CARTER dir. Mike Hodges, 1971:

LUZZU dir. Alex Camilleri, 2021:

PSYCHO dir. Alfred Hitchcock, 1960:

More new releases in this week’s SCREEN GUIDE.

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