This is a film still from LUMINOUS PROCURESS dir Steven Arnold, 1971.

THE BALLY #165: What to see in London this week [05 to 11 AUG 2022]

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#QueerHorrorNights contributes to the SUMMER OF SCI-FI at The Castle Cinema with Brandon Cronenberg’s POSSESSOR (19 AUG 19:00): Booking now!

Welcome to another (quieter than average…) screen week!

A couple of venues are currently closed for their summer breaks, including Ciné Lumière (resumes 24 August) and The David Lean (resumes 16 August). Check their forward programmes for details.

As planned (!), I’ve published our epic RADIANT CIRCUS roundup for the month of August detailing more than 55 film strands and repertory seasons indoors, and a further 8 seasons at various outdoor locations. Hopefully there’s something great for you to see… Season programmes get updated in the weekly screen guide (to the best of my ability…) as new shows get added and formats shift.

This week’s standalone event highlights include a very special Odorama screening of John Waters’ POLYESTER by Rebel Reel Cine Club at Rio Cinema later tonight (05 AUG), an encore screening of CÉLINE AND JULIE GO BOATING from 35mm following Zodiac Film Club x London Short Film Fest’s weekend collab at ICA (06 AUG), a preview screening of Welsh-language horror show THE FEAST at Picturehouse Hackney (08 AUG – read my Token Homo review here), Tufnell Park Film Club’s tribute to Peter Brook, KING LEAR at The Lord Palmerston (09 AUG), and both CODEX plus conversation with Stuart Pond at BFI and Bruce LaBruce’s SAINT-NARCISSE presented by the Pink Palace team at Rio Cinema (10 AUG).

Of course, if you want something a bit more informal, you can join me for a BAR TRASH screening of George A. Romero’s outrageous carnival of contagion THE CRAZIES as part of my ongoing summer season at the lovely Genesis Cinema’s Bar Paragon (10 AUG, tickets just £1).

I’ve chosen the restored version of Steven Arnold’s LUMINOUS PROCURESS c/o Second Run at ICA as my Featured Attraction of the Week – because any mention of THUNDERCRACK! in an event blurb is my own personal catnip. But a special mention should also go to Ranjit S. Ruprai aka SUPAKINO for another of his epic Bombay Mix screenings at the Rio Cinema on Sunday, where you can see Barbara Kopple’s HARLAN COUNTY U.S.A. back to back with Yash Chopra’s KAALA PATTHAR in an unlikely to be repeated double-bill. Just don’t hit the Rosé too hard the night before…

See you in the darkness, and stay safe.


LUMINOUS PROCURESS (Restored Version) dir Steven Arnold, 1971 + Introduction by Mehelli Modi, founder of Second Run at ICA (11 AUG 20:45).

“Steven Arnold was one of America’s most original visual artists – a ‘queer mystic’ whose art, and life, knew no boundaries in his adopted home town of San Francisco. Luminous Procuress, his only feature, was fêted by Salvador Dalí and Andy Warhol, yet was feared lost for years after its low-profile release in 1971. It’s now been found and restored to all its sensuous glory, and this vivid new restoration receives its UK premiere at the ICA.

Luminous Procuress is the missing link between Flaming Creatures and Thundercrack!, an anarchic vision of a sexual utopia where gender is abstract and liberation is absolute. As The Procuress (Pandora) leads two wide-eyed young men through a wonderland of ill repute, female and male interchange and fuse, and pretty much anything goes. It’s a vivid and valuable document of LGBTQ+ history – and it’s never looked better than today.

The screening will be introduced by Mehelli Modi, founder of Second Run, which releases this new restoration.” (ICA)

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POLYESTER in Odorama! d. John Waters, 1981 + DJ Martin Green + Recorded intro by John Waters, presented by Rebel Reel Cine Club at Rio Cinema (05 AUG 23:30).


CÉLINE AND JULIE GO BOATING 35mm d. Jacques Rivette, 1974 at ICA (06 AUG 13:00).


Bombay Mix: HARLAN COUNTY U.S.A. d. Barbara Kopple, 1976 + KAALA PATTHAR d. Yash Chopra, 1979 + Intros by Ranjit S. Ruprai & film Phuong Le, presented by SUPAKINO at Rio Cinema (07 AUG 11:00 + 14:00).


THE FEAST d. Lee Haven Jones, 2021 at Picturehouse Hackney (08 AUG 19:30).


KING LEAR d. Peter Brook, 1971 in tribute to Peter Brook, presented by Tufnell Park Film Club at The Lord Palmerston (09 AUG 20:00).


  • Experimenta: CODEX d. Stuart Pound, 1979 + Stuart Pound in conversation at BFI Southbank (10 AUG 18:15).
This is a film still from LUMINOUS PROCURESS dir Steven Arnold, 1971.


LUMINOUS PROCURESS (Restored Version) d. Steven Arnold, 1971 + Introduction by Mehelli Modi, founder of Second Run at ICA (11 AUG 20:45).

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NO PLACE LIKE HOME [Redux] d. Perry Henzell, 2006/19.


More rep seasons listed in this week’s SCREEN GUIDE.


  • Includes (check venue for listings): CENSOR d. Prano Bailey-Bond, 2021 (06 AUG 20:45).
More outdoor seasons in this week’s SCREEN GUIDE.

FADIA’S TREE dir Sarah Beddington, 2021

THE HARDER THEY COME dir Perry Henzell, 1972

SUZANNE DAVEAU dir Luisa Homem, 2019

  • Exclusively at: ICA
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