This is a film still from BULLETPROOF.

THE BALLY #167: What to see in London this week [19 to 25 AUG 2022]

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Welcome to another screen week!

If this week is characterised by anything, it’s the number of indie releases, revivals and restorations that are bathing London’s cinema screens in light. I’ve chosen Todd Chandler’s BULLETPROOF as my Featured Attraction of the Week because, with a sister-in-law teaching in the American elementary school system, it asks a question that is close to my family’s heart: What does it mean to be safe at school in the United States?

Other highlights from our regular GRIND SHOWS selection include the re-release of Menelik Shabazz’s BURNING AN ILLUSION, the 4K restoration of Robert Wise’s STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE [Director’s Edition], Charline Bourgeois-Tacquet’s ANAÏS IN LOVE, Lee Haven Jones’ Welsh-language horror show THE FEAST, and Julie Ha and Eugene Yi’s FREE CHOL SOO LEE (which screens in some venues with a recorded Q&A). Find all these delights and more in our full online Screen Guide.

If you’re looking for one-off, special events, you can start your screen week with the pure cinematic joy of THE UMBRELLAS OF CHERBOURG at The Garden Cinema as part of their regular Musical Fridays strand (19 AUG), followed on Saturday by a special screening of THE SEVENTH VEIL as part of the new Made At Riversidestrand at Riverside Studios (20 AUG). On Sunday, either join Ciné-Real 16mm Film Club for the first of their screenings at The Castle Cinema this week, ON THE WATERFRONT, or head to The Apple Tree Pop-Up for Bohemia Media’s free screening of Jennifer Reeder’s SIGNATURE MOVE (both 21 AUG).

On Monday, Crap Film Club continues their journey through disreputable cinema with THE SWORD AND THE CLAW at The Old Queen’s Head. On the same day, the Prince Charles has one of my favourite films as their latest £1 Members’ Screening, DOG DAY AFTERNOON, as well as a special presentation of MICHAEL COLLINS to mark the centenary of his death, which includes a Q&A with Chris Menges, the film’s director of photography (all 22 AUG). In addition to the film, our great friends at Irish Film London will be hosting a meet up at The Crown & Two Chairmen Soho from 6pm to 8pm for all Irish filmmakers, actors and fans.

After all that, I’d be heading back to The Garden Cinema on Tuesday for a members’ choice screening of Max Ophüls’ THE RECKLESS MOMENT (23 AUG), before experiencing a new (to these pages at least…) film night from Baesianz Cinema Club with KA BODYSCAPES at Spanners in SW9 (24 AUG). Finally, round your week off with a choice between the return of Ciné-Real with LA GRANDE ILLUSION at The Castle, or take a second chance in recent weeks to get the scratch and sniff cards out with Cult Classic Collective’s screening, sniffing and discussion of POLYESTER at Genesis Cinema (both 25 AUG).

See you in the darkness, and stay safe.


PS – See you at FrightFest?

BULLETPROOF dir. Todd Chandler, 2020 exclusively at ICA (19 to 25 AUG):

“What does it mean to be safe at school in the United States? Safe from what – and from whom? Screening as part of the Summer Exclusives series of films that can only be seen in the UK at the ICA, Todd Chandler’s feature both asks and complicates these questions with a provocative exploration of fear and American violence.”

Bulletproof examines the culture of mass shootings within American schools. But rather than focusing on any one event, Chandler takes us through the ritualised preparations and drills that now form part of an average school day. From teacher training sessions at gun ranges to trade fairs specialising in bulletproof whiteboards, Bulletproof is a cinematic meditation on the forces that shape the culture of violence in the US – a nightmarish vision of a capitalist society where there’s money to be made from fear, terror and death.” (ICA)

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THE UMBRELLAS OF CHERBOURG d. Jacques Demy, 1964 at The Garden Cinema (19 AUG 21:00).


THE SEVENTH VEIL d. Compton Bennett, 1945 + Intro by Professor Melanie Williams at Riverside Studios (20 AUG 14:00) / Part of MADE AT RIVERSIDE.


SIGNATURE MOVE d. Jennifer Reeder, 2017 presented by Bohemia Media at The Apple Tree Pop-Up (21 AUG 16:00 – FREE!).

This is a film still from THE SWORD AND THE CLAW dir Natuk Baytan, 1975 presented by Crap Film Club at The Old Queens Head (22 August 2022).


THE SWORD AND THE CLAW dir Natuk Baytan, 1975 + Intro by Dr. Iain Robert Smith, Remakesploitation founder and Turkish cinema expert, presented by Crap Film Club at The Old Queen’s Head (22 AUG 19:00).


Member’s Choice: THE RECKLESS MOMENT d. Max Ophüls, 1949 at The Garden Cinema (23 AUG 20:30).


KA BODYSCAPES d. Jayan Cherian, 2016 + Short: DEAR BRADFORD d. Vivek Vadoliya, 2022 presented by Baesianz Cinema Club at Spanners SW9 (24 AUG 19:00).


LA GRANDE ILLUSION 16mm d. Jean Renoir, 1937 presented by Ciné-Real 16mm Film Club at The Castle Cinema (25 AUG 19:30).

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POSSESSOR dir Brandon Cronenberg, 2020.

SUMMER OF SCI-FI at The Castle Cinema

  • Includes (check venue for listings): POSSESSOR d. Brandon Cronenberg, 2020 presented by Queer Horror Nights (19 AUG 19:00); MELANCHOLIA d. Lars von Trier. 2011 presented by No Bollocks Film Club (23 AUG 18:30); Sci-Fi Shorts presented by Zodiac Film Club x Final Girls Berlin (24 AUG 18:45).
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More outdoor seasons listed in this week’s SCREEN GUIDE.

BULLETPROOF dir. Todd Chandler, 2020

  • Exclusively at: ICA

BURNING AN ILLUSION Digital Restoration dir. Menelik Shabazz, 1981

FREE CHOL SOO LEE dir. Julie Ha & Eugene Yi, 2022

STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE [Director’s Edition] 4K d. Robert Wise, 1979

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