THE BALLY #170: What to see in London this week [09 to 15 SEP 2022]

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#QueerHorrorNights continues with Stewart Thorndike’s LYLE starring Gaby Hoffman at Genesis Cinema (14 SEP 18:30).

Please note, some venues may now be closed following the death of the Queen. Check ahead for changes to their schedules.

Start your cinema week with a special screening of HALLELUJAH: LEONARD COHEN, A JOURNEY, A SONG at Picturehouse Central (09 SEP), or for something a little lighter, The Garden Cinema continues their musicals strand with LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS (09 & 10 SEP). The Independent Cinema Office (ICO) starts a new streaming event on Friday as part of their ongoing THE CINEMA OF IDEAS project. In collaboration with No Planet B, Life In The Woods features Philip Trevelyan’s THE MOON & THE SLEDGEHAMMER and Lucile Hadžihalilović’s DE NATURA (from 09 to 13 SEP), followed by a live event (13 SEP). 

For your weekend, I’d recommend the opportunity to see one of three 35mm screenings of David Cronenberg’s VIDEODROME on Saturday at ICA ahead of his latest release (10, 11 & 13 SEP). Bohemia Media continues their free Cinema Sunday screenings at The Apple Tree with the acclaimed trans rights doc, DONNA. Postponed from earlier in the year, the TLC (aka Trans-Led Cinema) project led by Rebecca del Tufo returns to The Lexi with MAGIC MIRROR on Monday (12 SEP). Deeper Into Movies presents Scott Hicks’ GLASS: A PORTRAIT OF PHILIP IN TWELVE PARTS on the same day at Farr’s Dalston.

In addition to our featured attraction of the week (see below!), a busy Tuesday brings you A TRIBUTE TO JORDAN + PUNK & THE PISTOLS at Rio Cinema, Sands Films Cinema Club’s in-venue and online presentation of F.W. Murnau’s HERR TARTÜFF, and Ida Lupino’s THE HITCH-HIKER at Tufnell Park Film Club (all 13 SEP). A special Tuesday mention too for the always-excellent Architecture on Film strand at Barbican which continues with RIOTSVILLE USA featuring a virtual Q&A with director, Sierra Pettengil. If talks are more your thing, The Miskatonic Institute’s An Exploration of the Evolution of the Monstrous-Feminine at The Horse Hospital comes highly recommended.

On Wednesday, I’d love to invite you to the next of our Queer Horror Nights, this time at Genesis Cinema with Stewart Thorndike’s LYLE, but if horror directed by women isn’t your thing, how about catching another F-Rated delight, Sally Potter’s THE PARTY presented in a double-bill with Martin McDonagh’s SIX SHOOTER by Pitshanger Pictures at St Barnabas Church, Ealing (both 14 SEP)? Finally, I’d suggest wrapping your week by heading to The Castle Cinema for a Jellied Reels presentation of DIRTY WORK (15 SEP).

It’s a great week for new releases and restorations, including Halina Reijn’s BODIES BODIES BODIES, David Cronenberg’s CRIMES OF THE FUTURE(…finally!), the 50th Anniversary/4K Restoration of Luis Buñuel’s THE DISCREET CHARM OF THE BOURGEOISIE, and Tom George’s SEE HOW THEY RUN. Lots of smaller scale releases too, with ICA and Bertha DocHouse continuing to be good choices for exclusives you won’t see elsewhere. Picturehouse Cinemas appear to be the indie venues of choice if you want your encounter with JAWS 3D, whilst the BFI has rubbery Bruce in glorious IMAX. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the cinema…

Two directors I admire release new work this work. Werner Herzog’s virtual appearance at Barbican for THE FIRE WITHIN: REQUIEM FOR KATIA & MAURICE KRAFFT (14 SEP) is looking sold out, so I’ve chosen Peter Strickland’s in-person presentation of FLUX GOURMET + Short: BLANK NARCISSUS at Curzon Soho (13 SEP) as my Featured Attraction of the Week

See you in the darkness, and stay safe.


#QueerHorrorNights presents a very special event at the historic Rio Cinema – our Halloween Monsters Ball: NIGHTBREED (28 OCT 22:00+).

FLUX GOURMET + Short: BLANK NARCISSUS d. Peter Strickland, 2022 + Q&A with the director at Curzon Soho (13 SEP 18:00).

FLUX GOURMET: “Welcome to the Sonic Catering Institute, a creative retreat for artists whose work occupies a place somewhere between avant-garde music and outré cuisine. Run by the eccentric Jan Stevens (Gwendoline Christie, Game of Thrones), the three-week workshop is playing host to a three-piece outfit comprising the severe and unbending Elle di Elle (Strickland regular Fatma Mohamed), the troubled Lamina Propria (Ariane Labed, The Souvenir, The Lobster) and Jan’s soon-to-be lover Billy Rubin (Asa Butterfield, Sex Education). Their journey at the institute is documented by photographer Stones (Makis Papadimitriou, Suntan), whose digestive troubles are as turbulent as the creations his subjects are producing. But relations between the bandmembers are deteriorating quicker than the concoctions they conjure up, their host’s psyche is unravelling and the in-house doctor’s obsession with classical texts is driving everyone to distraction.” (Curzon)

BLANK NARCISSUS: “A UK short film drama in which the director of gay male adult films in the 1970s provides an audio commentary over one of his productions.” (BBFC)

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HALLELUJAH: LEONARD COHEN, A JOURNEY, A SONG d. Daniel Geller & Dayna Goldfine, 2021 + Q&A with the directors & Robert Kory, Leonard Cohen’s former long-time manager and current head of the Cohen Family Trust at Picturehouse Central (09 SEP 19:00).


VIDEODROME 35mm d. David Cronenberg, 1983 at ICA (10 SEP 15:30 / 11 SEP 12:20 / 13 SEP 21:30).


Cinema Sunday: DONNA d. Jay Bedwani, 2022 presented by Bohemia Media at The Apple Tree EC1R (11 SEP 16:00- FREE!).



Architecture on Film: RIOTSVILLE USA d. Sierra Pettengil, 2022 + Virtual Q&A with the director at Barbican (13 SEP 20:30).

This is a film still from LYLE dir Stewart Thorndike, 2014


LYLE d. Stewart Thorndike, 2014 + Short + Intro + Bar Social presented by Queer Horror Nights at Genesis Cinema (14 SEP 18:30).


DIRTY WORK d. Bob Saget, 1998 presented by Jellied Reels at The Castle Cinema (15 SEP 21:00).

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TWO OF US d. Roger Tonge, 1987



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ROOFTOP FILM CLUB at Roof East, Stratford

QUEEN & SLIM dir Melina Matsoukas, 2019 (09 SEP 20:00).

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BODIES BODIES BODIES dir. Halina Reijn, 2022

THE DISCREET CHARM OF THE BOURGEOISIE (50th Anniversary 4K Restoration) aka Le Charme discret de la bourgeoisie dir. Luis Buñuel, 1972

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