THE BALLY #174: What to see in London this week [07 to 13 OCT 2022]

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#QueerHorrorNights presents a very special event at the historic Rio Cinema – our Halloween Monsters Ball: NIGHTBREED (28 OCT 22:00+).

Welcome to another screen week!

Sensational one-off events start this weekend with Wonder Reels’s evening of live performance by Yama Warashi followed by Kaneto Shindõ’s ONIBABA from 35mm at The Cinema Museum (07 OCT). Then, CinemaItaliaUK collaborates with FILL (the Festival of Italian Literature in London) to screen and discuss Pier Paolo Pasolini’s THE CANTERBURY TALES (08 OCT) at The Garden Cinema. Oliver Hermanus’ new adaptation of Kurosawa’s IKIRU, LIVING, is previewed across town as part of BFI London Film Festival (09 OCT – see daily listings for venues).

On Monday, Cinema Rising continues their screening programme with Paul Schrader’s HARDCORE at The Garden Cinema (10 OCT). The fascinating theatrical programme continues at Sands Films Studios with Grigory Kozintsev’s adaptation of KING LEAR which can be seen in-venue and on-line on Tuesday for a donation (11 OCT). “Gender bending, punk-horror, theatre making cabaret clown” Baby Lame and company return to create chaos with SHOWGIRLS LIVE! at the Rio Cinema on Wednesday (12 OCT), and you can wrap your week with something (a little…) calmer with Rebel Reel Cine Club’s presentation of BRONCO BULLFROG at Archway Tavern (13 OCT).

As the month’s new rep seasons make progress – everywhere but the BFI, but more about them in a bit! – this week’s highlights include a weekend of ALI CHERRI at Tate Modern, and the ongoing celebration of Angela Allen’s career as a script supervisor, A LIFE ON THE FILM SET, at The Garden Cinema. LAST SUNRISE continues FRAMEBURN at Hackney Brewery, and Programme 2: (1976-78) is the next stage in the epic JOHN SMITH INTROSPECTIVE at Close-Up (both 13 OCT). HORROCTOBER continues to shine its eery light over the season at The Prince Charles. 

The BFI London Film Festival continues across town this week (05 to 16 OCT), and I start my encounters there with BONES AND ALL at the weekend. One of the many innovations driven through by outgoing festival director Tricia Tuttle is the number of parallel preview screenings in venues across London and the UK (cf LIVING – see daily listings). If BFI LFF is too big for your appetites, Little Wing Film Festival continues at Everyman Cinemas across town (05 to 09 OCT), Wimbledon International Short Film Festival shines at the Polka Theatre (08 OCT), and Kick Like A Girl gets physical at Genesis (08 to 09 OCT).

In this week’s new releases, I’m really looking forward to seeing Bertrand Mandico’s next feature, AFTER BLUE (DIRTY PARADISE), following the super-saturated 16mm weirdness of THE WILD BOYS. I’ve also highlighted David O. Russell’s AMSTERDAM and Stephen Frears’ THE LOST KING as two fact-based dramas, one a whodunnit, the other more of a ‘wheredunnit’. Check this week’s GRIND SHOW listings for these details and more. 

It’s that time of year when those of us with horror heads come out to play, so expect me to celebrate more genre-related screenings in my Featured Attraction of the Week slot. This week I’ve chosen the wonderful two-pronged assault on our senses from the Evolution of Horror podcast people at Genesis Cinema… Campfire Stories is an open mic story-telling event outdoors in the Yard (with free hot chocolate and marshmallows!), which is then followed by Jamie Blanks’ URBAN LEGEND in the cosy warmth of the cinema.

See you in the darkness, and stay safe.


PS – I missed it last week, but after a long absence the Bernie Grant Arts Centre has resumed regular film screenings with a monthly slot entitled, appropriately enough, Cinema At The Centre.

TOKEN HOMO presents a new season of BAR TRASH – TRASH PLANET – a celebration of 70s eco-horror. Tickets £1 – Booking now!

Evolution of Horror Presents… Campfire Stories in the Yard (12 OCT 19:00) + URBAN LEGEND d. Jamie Blanks, 1998 (12 OCT 21:00) / Part of HALLOWEEN season at Genesis Cinema.

“Complete with a roaring campfire, cosy blankets and hot chocolate topped with marshmallows, join us for an evening of spooky stories in The Yard! As with our open mic nights, anyone can sign up to tell their tale but if you’d rather get spooked, just join the circle and listen!”

“Once we’re all substantially creeped out, we’ll head inside for a special screening of the solid 90s slasher URBAN LEGEND and maybe grab a themed cocktail from the bar to calm the nerves. Tickets are available to both events separately but enjoy a discounted rate when booked together. Hot chocolate, tea and marshmallows are on us!” (Genesis Cinema)

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ONIBABA 35mm d. Kaneto Shindõ, 1964 + Live performance by Yama Warashi, presented by Wonder Reels at The Cinema Museum (07 OCT 19:30).


THE CANTERBURY TALES d. Pier Paolo Pasolini, 1972 + Conversation on Pier Paolo Pasolini, presented by CinemaItaliaUK at The Garden Cinema (08 OCT 17:00).


LFF Preview – LIVING d. Oliver Hermanus, 2022 at various venues, inc: ActOne Cinema (09 OCT 18:15); ArtHouse Crouch End (09 OCT 18:00); Barbican (09 OCT 18:00); Genesis Cinema (09 OCT 18:00); Olympic Studios (09 OCT 19:30); Peckhamplex (09 OCT 20:20); Riverside Studios (09 OCT 18:10).


HARDCORE d. Paul Schrader, 1979 presented by Cinema Rising at The Garden Cinema (10 OCT 20:00).


KING LEAR d. Grigory Kozintsev, 1971 presented in-venue & on-line by Sands Films Cinema Club at Sands Film Studios (11 OCT 19:30).


Baby Lame presents SHOWGIRLS LIVE! d. Paul Verhoeven, 1995 Film screening + live shows at Rio Cinema (12 OCT 20:45).


BRONCO BULLFROG d. Barney Platts-Mills, 1969 + Pre-film DJ Jeffrey Munday + Short: STROLLS d. Amir Bech, presented by Rebel Reel Cine Club at Archway Tavern N19 (13 OCT 19:00).

Full daily listings in this week’s SCREEN GUIDE.
THE MAN WHO WOULD BE KING d. John Huston, 1975

A LIFE ON THE FILM SET at The Garden Cinema

More rep seasons listed in this week’s SCREEN GUIDE.

AFTER BLUE (DIRTY PARADISE) dir Bertrand Mandico, 2021

  • Various venues, inc: ICA
More new releases in this week’s SCREEN GUIDE.

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