This is a film still from SAINT JACK dir Peter Bogdanovich, 1979, presented by The Badlands Collective at ICA (24 NOV 2022).

THE BALLY #179: What to see in London this week [18 to 24 NOV 2022]

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TOKEN HOMO presents a second season of BAR TRASH – TRASH PLANET – a celebration of 70s eco-horror at Genesis Cinema & Rule Zero. Tickets £1 / Double-bill £5 – Booking now!

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SAINT JACK 35mm d. Peter Bogdanovich, 1979 presented by The Badlands Collective in tribute to Peter Bogdanovich at ICA (24 NOV 18:40).

“Peter Bogdanovich died on January 6th 2022 at the age of 82. As a director, Bogdanovich was an integral part of the New Hollywood of the 1970s, and as a critic and historian, his interviews with master filmmakers such as Howard Hawks, John Ford and Orson Welles helped sustain interest in their work for subsequent generations. A lifelong passionate cinephile, Peter Bogdanovich was a key inspiration for The Badlands Collective, and we are proud to be celebrating his life and career with a 35mm screening of his 1979 film SAINT JACK at the ICA.”

“An adaptation of the novel by Paul Theroux (which Cybill Shepherd won the rights to in a lawsuit against Playboy), SAINT JACK was filmed in Singapore in 1978, with Bogdanovich using a dummy script to fool the authorities into allowing the production to go ahead, and it remains the only American feature to be entirely shot in that country. Ben Gazzara gives one of his signature performances as Jack Flowers, a small-time hustler and pimp who dreams of one day operating his own brothel but faces external pressures from local gangs and the CIA. Charismatic, laid-back and cynical, Jack is a man who operates with certain values, and through Jack’s encounters with the various men and women who enter his orbit, SAINT JACK explores what it takes to try and be a moral man in an amoral world.” (The Badlands Collective)

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Storming Heaven short film programme at Close-up (18 NOV 20:15).


OJOBOCA: True Counterfeits + Q&A with the filmmakers, presented by ALT/KINO at ICA (19 NOV 18:30).

This is a film still from AWE SHOCKS dir OJOBOCA, Germany 2011, presented by ALT/KINO at ICA (19 NOV 2022).


THE GHOST OF RICHARD HARRIS d. Adrian Sibley, 2022 + Q&A with the director, raising funds for Hackney Foodbank at Rio Cinema (20 NOV 15:15).


120 BPM aka 120 battements par minute d. Robin Campillo, 2017 presented by Trasnmissions at Dalston Superstore (21 NOV 19:00).


IRMA VEP d. Oliver Assayas, 1996 + Live podcast recording with The Cinematologists at The Garden Cinema (22 NOV 19:30).


A William S. Hart Evening: TUMBLEWEEDS + THE GUNFIGHTER ds. King Baggot, 1925 + William S. Hart, 1917 with Live piano accompaniment by John Sweeney & Dr Ilya Poletaev, presented by Kennington Bioscope at The Cinema Museum (23 NOV 19:30).


UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: DAY OF RECKONING d. John Hyams, 2012 presented by Animus Magazine at The Prince Charles (24 NOV 20:45).

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This is a film still from QUEEN BEE dir Ranald MacDougall, 1955, presented at The Cinema Museum by The Vito Project & Women & Cocaine (20 NOV 2022).
What to see in London this week: QUEEN BEE dir Ranald MacDougall, 1955, presented at The Cinema Museum by The Vito Project & Women & Cocaine (20 NOV 2022).


  • Includes (check venue for full listings): BEYOND THE FOREST 35mm + QUEEN BEE 16mm ds. King Vidor, 1949 + Ranald MacDougall, 1955 + Intro/discussion in partnership with Women & Cocaine (20 NOV 16:00).
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ARMAGEDDON TIME dir James Gray, 2022

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