This is a film still from ROBIN HOOD GARDENS d. Thomas Beyer & Adrian Dorschner, 2022, showing at Genesis Cinema as part of the London Festival of Architecture (13 JUN 2023).

THE BALLY #205: What to see in London this week [09 to 15 JUN 2023]

Welcome to THE BALLY, our RADIANT CIRCUS edit of what to see in London this week across DIY, indie & alternative cinema events, online, outdoors & in venues.

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Token Homo’s BAR TRASH presents a summer season of MONSTER MAYHEM! at Genesis Cinema + Rule Zero (May to August) – Booking Now!!

ROBIN HOOD GARDENS d. Thomas Beyer & Adrian Dorschner, 2022 + Q&A at Genesis Cinema (13 JUN 18:30) – Part of LONDON FESTIVAL OF ARCHITECTURE.

“The documentary takes a closer look at the intentions and failures of a brutalist housing complex in East London, delving into the reasons for its downfall from its inception in 1972 to its current state in ruins. Through exploring the remnants of this utopian idea for modern living, the film seeks to understand the shortcomings of modernism and the potential for learning from the design to improve the living spaces of tomorrow.”

“The film’s investigation goes beyond the mere topic of design, painting a polychromatic portrait of the building complex and exploring issues such as social housing, urban participation, sustainability challenges, and cultural contradictions of preservation.
As we watch the story unfold, it becomes clear that these issues are not unique to Robin Hood Gardens alone, but rather a common problem that we all face as we seek to rethink the city.” (LFOA)

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THE HEIRESSES aka Las herederas d. Marcelo Martinessi, 2018 + Panel discussion at Birkbeck Cinema (09 JUN 18:00 – FREE!).

This is a photograph showing a series of 35mm projector slides spread out on a light table.


Exploding Cinema short film event at The Cinema Museum (10 JUN 19:30).


Sci-Fi Sundays: PROSPECT d. Zeek Earl & Chris Caldwell, 2018 presented by Deptford Cinema at Music Room London (11 JUN 14:00).


MILOU EN MAI d. Louis Malle, 1990 + Q&A with Harriet Walter at Ciné Lumière (12 JUN 19:15).


EarthRise: BERG d. Joke Olthaar, 2021 at The Lexi Cinema (13 JUN 18:30).


THE BELOVED ROGUE 16mm d. Alan Crosland, 1927 + Supporting programme, Intro by Michelle Facey & Live musical accompaniment by Collin Sell & John Sweeney (14 JUN 19:30).


PRETTY RED DRESS d. Dionne Edwards, 2023 + Q&A with the director, producer Georgia Goggin & actors Natey Jones, Alexandra Burke & Temilola Olatunbosun at The Ritzy (15 JUN 18:30).

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THE GOLD DIGGERS d. Sally Potter, 1983.


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MEDUSA DELUXE dir Thomas Hardiman, 2022

Various venues, inc: ArtHouse Crouch End / BFI / The Castle Cinema / The Garden Cinema / ICA / Picturehouse Cinemas / Rio Cinema

WAR PONY dir Riley Keough & Gina Gammell, 2022

Various venues, inc: ArtHouse Crouch End / Barbican / The Castle Cinema / Chiswick Cinema / Curzon Cinemas / Everyman Cinemas / ICA / Picturehouse Cinemas / Regent Street Cinema / Rich Mix / Rio Cinema

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