THE BALLY #206: What to see in London this week [16 to 22 JUN 2023]

Welcome to THE BALLY, our weekly edit of what to see in London this week across DIY, indie & alternative cinema events, outdoors & in venues.

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Token Homo’s BAR TRASH presents a summer season of MONSTER MAYHEM! at Genesis Cinema + Rule Zero – Booking Now!!

SHE MAN: A STORY OF FIXATION d. Bob Clark, 1967 presented by TGirlsonFilm & Funeral Parade, part of TRANS-X-PLOITATION at The Prince Charles (20 JUN 18:30).

“Devilish drag queen, Dominita (Dorian Wayne) force feminises ex-solider, Albert Rose (Leslie Marlowe), and blackmails him for deserting during action in the Korean War.”

“This pre-Stonewall exploitation classic takes the previous decade’s Jorgensen mania and ranks it up a notch, an early credit by Bob Clark of BLACK CHRISTMAS cult fame and a bizarre but charming attempt at tolerance towards trans identities.”

“Both lead actors were popular drag queens of their day, with a cameo from 60s trans performer, Hans Crystal. The film is part exploitation, part psychodrama and part kinky fantasy. The film’s original tagline read “Is he?..or Isn’t she? Only the doctors know for sure”. Well, it’s 2023 now darling so resident trans film hosts Sarah & Jaye have sent the doctors packing and taken over, for the next in their trans-exploitation series.” (TGirlsonFilm & Funeral Parade)

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PSYCHO II d. Richard Franklin, 1983 + Quiz presented by Evolution of Horror at Picturehouse Finsbury Park (16 JUN 19:00 + 20:30).


T.P. McKenna – As Seen on TV includes A CHILD’S VOICE d. Kieran Hickey, 1978 at The Cinema Museum (17 JUN 19:30).


THE SUPER 8 YEARS d. Annie Ernaux, 2022 + Recorded Q&A with the director at various venues, inc: ArtHouse Crouch End (18 JUN 18:00); Barbican (18 JUN 17:40); Chiswick Cinema (18 JUN 16:00); The Garden Cinema (18 JUN 16:30); Picturehouse Cinemas (18 JUN various); Watermans (18 JUN 14:00).


IN THIS WORLD d. Michael Winterbottom, 2002 + Q&A with screenwriter Tony Grisoni & readings from Pulitzer-Prize winning author Matthieu Aikin’s ‘The Naked Don’t Fear the Water’ by Toby Jones for Refugee Week at The Garden Cinema (19 JUN 20:00).

This is a film still from CARRY GREENHAM HOME d. Beeban Kidron & Amanda Richardson, 1983, showing at Kiln Theatre (20 JUN 19:00).


CARRY GREENHAM HOME d. Beeban Kidron & Amanda Richardson, 1983 at Kiln Theatre (20 JUN 19:00).


THE WICKER MAN: 50th Anniversary d. Robin Hardy, 1973 + Recorded Q&A with cast & crew at various venues, inc: ActOne Cinema (21 JUN 18:45); Chiswick Cinema (21 JUN 20:00); Curzon Cinemas (21 JUN 18:20); Genesis Cinema + Cult Classic Collective (21 JUN 18:15); Picturehouse Cinemas (21 JUN various); Rio Cinema + Merch Launch (21 JUN 20:45); Riverside Studios (21 JUN 20:00).


THE HARDER THEY COME d. Perry Henzell, 1972 + Live performance by Reggae Choir & DJ set for Windrush 75 at Bernie Grant Arts Centre (22 JUN 19:00).

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THE BATTLE OF CHILE d. Patricio Guzmàn (1975-79).


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INLAND dir Fridtjof Ryder, 2022

PRETTY RED DRESS dir Dionne Edwards, 2022

YOU CAN LIVE FOREVER dir Mark Slutsky & Sarah Watts, 2022

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