This is a film still from SOUND OF METAL which screens at Rooftop Film Club.

THE BALLY #102: Are you ready for some cinema?

Ahead of the great cinema reopening of 2021 we’ve started to seek out the live screen events now booking around London, both indoors & out. Just don’t forget the streams!

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Listing actual screen events in actual locations across London again is sending a shiver down my spine… The time is very much right to contemplate settling back into row E, slightly to one side – pretty much my favourite place to sit in any auditorium – to soak up some films.

Looking around, the first venues that get to reopen are London’s various drive-ins from 12 April. Drive-ins had a patchy time in 2020, with many hailing them as a welcome – if retro and rather exclusive – way of keeping live cinema going. But, the operating model proved too challenging for some and the programming has been, ahem…, rather middle of the road. It’s also interesting to see how the price of admission has adjusted to meet the market.

Drive In Film Club – from the makers of Rooftop Film Club – returns to Alexandra Palace and adds a new location in Brent Cross. The Drive In starts again at Troubadour Meridian Water with a mix of live performances and cinema screenings. Luna Cinema doesn’t seem to have any London gigs at the time of posting (although they are projecting elsewhere in the UK).

We’ve also spotted some rooftop seats being sold at locations across London from 17 May. Rooftop Film Club returns by reopening two screens – Roof East in Stratford and the Bussey Building in Peckham – whilst a venue that’s new to us – Bar Elba in Waterloo – has started taking bookings for their brand of open air cinema and drinks.

If you’d rather have a roof over your head, The Prince Charles has started selling (out!) their reopening programme (also from 17 May). At the time of posting, we’ve also spotted that Backyard Cinema are booking for their new summer season, Miami Beach. More of them in next week’s issue.

Whilst we will increasingly be turning our attention to live cinema events, there are still some amazing online experiences to be had. It’s the final weekend of BFI Flare this weekend and the wonderful Essay Film Festival continues their entirely free programme until 03 April (the easiest of all festivals to take part in as everything is pretty much available online for the entire event). Finally, we’ve also listed some rousing online programming for Easter from Focus Hong Kong: you can stream all of their feature films for the bargain price of £8.99.

Keep scrolling for all the links. Stay safe, and see you in darkness again soon…


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This is a film still from SOUND OF METAL which screens at Rooftop Film Club.

Rooftop Film Club returns to the skyline

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This is a film still from AMERICAN PSYCHO (2000) which screens at Bar Elba, Waterloo SE1.

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This is a film still from I STILL REMEMBER (2021).

Focus Hong Kong – Easter Edition 2021

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This is a film still from SAINT MAUD d. Rose Glass, 2019 which screens at Drive In Film Club Alexandra Palace on 30 APR 21:30.

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This is a film still from REBEL DYKES (2021).

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