This is a film still from THE SEA HAWK dir Frank Lloyd, 1924

WEDNESDAY: What’s on in London today [07/09/22]

WEDNESDAY 07 SEPTEMBER 2022 (A–Z) // What’s on in London today across DIY, indie & alternative cinema including one-off screen events, film seasons, film festivals & our selection of new releases.

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#QueerHorrorNights continues with Stewart Thorndike’s LYLE starring Gaby Hoffman at Genesis Cinema (14 SEP 18:30).

THE SEA HAWK d. Frank Lloyd, 1924 + Intro, Cartoon short & Live piano accompaniment by Colin Sell & John Sweeney, presented by Kennington Bioscope at The Cinema Museum (07 SEP 19:30).

“Based on Rafael Sabatini’s 1915 novel, THE SEA HAWK was adapted for the screen by J.G. Hawks and produced and directed by Frank Lloyd. The story – about an English baronet (Milton Sills) who is framed for murder by his half-brother (Lloyd Hughes), becomes a galley slave then escapes to reinvent himself as the buccaneering Sakr-el-Bahr’ – is set amid the high-seas piracy of the late 16th century. 

Aware that audiences had learned to recognise the use of scale models, Lloyd spent $200,000 for the construction of authentic-looking sea vessels, hiring Buster Keaton’s prop designer Fred Gabourie – who had previously built replicas of Stephenson’s Rocket and a hobby-horse bike for Keaton’s OUR HOSPITALITY – to create wooden cladding that would convert modern ships into those suitable for the period setting. The results were so convincing (the New York Times considered it far and away the best sea story that’s yet been done up to that point’) that Warner Brothers subsequently re-used the footage in the Errol Flynn vehicles CAPTAIN BLOOD (1935) and the nominal remake of THE SEA HAWK in 1940.”

“Because of the length of THE SEA HAWK it was released theatrically with an interval. We will begin the evening with a Felix The Cat cartoon from the mid 20s, followed by a short introduction to the main feature and the first half of the film. There will then be a 15 minute interval, and then the second half of the feature.”

The Kennington Bioscope is a regular cinema event featuring live accompaniment to silent films that takes place at the Cinema Museum.

  • ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 d. John Carpenter, 1976 at The Prince Charles (07 SEP 15:40).
  • TV Preview: CUNK ON EARTH + Q&A with writer, exec producer Charlie Brooker, actor Diane Morgan & series producer Sam Ward at BFI Southbank (07 SEP 20:40).
  • DAFT PUNK: INTERSTELLA 5555 d. Daisuke Nishio & Hirotoshi Rissen, 2003 presented by Deeper Into Movies at Signature Brew Haggerston (07 SEP 19:30 – FREE!).
  • FUNNY PAGES d. Owen Kline, 2022 + Q&A with the director at Rio Cinema (07 SEP 20:30).
  • THE GOLD MACHINE d. Grant Gee, 2022 + Q&A with the director & writer Iain Sinclair at The Castle Cinema (07 SEP 18:45).
  • HALLELUJAH: LEONARD COHEN, A JOURNEY, A SONG d. Daniel Geller & Dayna Goldfine, 2021 + Q&A with the directors at The Ritzy (07 SEP 19:30).
  • HAPPENING d. Audrey Diwan, 2021 at Catford Mews (07 SEP 18:15).
  • MIJA d. Isabel Castro, 2022 UK Premiere + Q&A with the director & film participants Doris Muñoz & Jacks Haupt at ICA (07 SEP 20:40).
  • PINK FLOYD: THE WALL d. Alan Parker, 1982 at Olympic Studios (07 SEP 20:40).
  • QUEEN OF GLORY d. Nana Mensah, 2022 + Q&A with the director & Post-screening party at Genesis Cinema (07 SEP 18:30).
  • THE SEA HAWK d. Frank Lloyd, 1924 + Intro, Cartoon short & Live piano accompaniment by Colin Sell & John Sweeney, presented by Kennington Bioscope at The Cinema Museum (07 SEP 19:30).
  • Preview: THE SCORE d. Malachi Smyth, 2021 at BFI Southbank (07 SEP 18:00).
  • Pink Palace: THAT SUMMER d. Goran Olsson, 2017 + Intro/discussion in the Rio Cinema Basement Bar (07 SEP 19:30).
  • THE UNBEARABLE WEIGHT OF MASSIVE TALENT d. Tom Gormican, 2022 at Whirled Cinema (07 SEP 20:00 / 11 SEP 17:00).
  • WINGS OF DESIRE d. Wim Wenders, 1987 presented by Leytonstone Pop-Up Cinema at Leytonstone Library (07 SEP 19:45).
#QueerHorrorNights presents a very special event at the historic Rio Cinema – our Halloween Monsters Ball: NIGHTBREED (28 OCT 22:00+).

Check venues for full listings…

35MM PRESENTATIONS at The Prince Charles

90S CINEMA ON 35MM at Everyman Screen On The Green


  • RATCATCHER 35mm d. Lynne Ramsay, 1999 + Intro by Catharine Des Forges, Director of the Independent Cinema Office (07 SEP 18:15).

BRAD REPUTATION ON 35MM at Picturehouse Cinemas




INDIANA JONES IN 4K at The Prince Charles

PAM GRIER at Picturehouse Cinemas

  • COFFY d. Jack Hill, 1975 (07 SEP various).


STAR TREK IN 4K at The Prince Charles

THROWBACK at Everyman Cinemas

THE WORLD OF WONG KAR WAI at The Prince Charles

ROOFTOP FILM CLUB at Bussey Building, Peckham

  • NOPE (07 SEP 20:00).

ROOFTOP FILM CLUB at Roof East, Stratford

THE TERRITORY dir. Alex Pritz, 2022

WILDWOOD dir. Bretten Hannam, 2021

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