This is a film still from MOTH (2020) by Wai Ying Tiffany Tong which screens at the EFN Spring Edition (26 to 30 APR 2021).

NOW BOOKING: EFN Short Film Festival – Spring Edition (online from 26 to 30 APR 2021)

The EFN Short Film Festival is back for their next online edition & it’s their biggest yet. Here’s everything you need to know.

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The EFN Short Film Festival – Spring Edition takes place online from 26 to 30 APRIL 2021 with a FREE lineup of films streaming on the Monday evening (26 APR 17:00+) followed by a series of industry workshops over each of the next few days.

The main event is their Competitive Awards (26 APR 20:00) programme which sees 6 films from around the world competing for your love and attention. Each of the films will be followed by a live Q&A with the filmmakers. They then stand the chance of winning one of two awards: The Audience Favourite (voted for by absolutely everyone, including the filmmaking teams and their friends!); and, The Critics’ Choice (which is given to the film that wows the EFN panel of experts).

Other delights on the Monday include a selection of films out of competition. These include programmes of Documentary film (26 APR 17:00), and Experimental film (18 APR 18:00). You need to book for each programme separately to secure yourself a place. The whole shooting match will be presented by comedian Mike Sheer and EFN curator Erifili Missiou, who promise to provide “a relaxed, fun and inclusive atmosphere”.

For those of you inside the industry (or hoping to be!), the Monday screening event is followed by a series of workshops: Writing The Short Script (27 APR 18:00); Funding Strategies (28 APR 18:00); Framing Your Short Film (29 APR 18:00); and, The Life Of Your Short Film (29 APR 18:00). The workshops cost £5 each. Check with the promoter for all of the details.

The EFN Short Film Festival – Spring Edition takes place online from 26 to 30 APRIL 2021 and is booking now at eventbrite.

Main featured image: MOTH (2020) directed by Wai Ying Tiffany Tong which screens in competition at the EFN Short Film Festival (26 APR 20:00).




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