DO YOU EXHIBIT? Services for indie screen promoters in Greater London

We’re upgrading our free services for indie exhibitors & changing the way we list events on our calendar of coming attractions. Find out how we can help promote your indie screen event in Greater London.


Want help promoting your screen event?

RADIANT CIRCUS offers straightforward (& mostly free!) services for indie exhibitors in Greater London. If you are unfamiliar with what we cover and why, have a browse through the website or read our updated Listings Policy.


We are expanding the editorial content at RADIANT CIRCUS, improving coverage of London’s one-off screen events, festivals & repertory seasons as well as celebrating alternative screen culture in all its forms.

Send us announcements about your:

  • one-off special events (e.g. ‘meet the talent’ Q&As or ambitious pop-ups)
  • season & festival programmes
  • new publications (e.g. ‘zines, books or podcasts that celebrate alternative screen culture in London)
  • special achievements (won an award recently? Let us know! We want to celebrate too…)
  • social concerns (started a kickstarter? raising money for good causes? launched a new project?)

Include all the necessary details & some quotes about why your news is so exciting. We love using high quality images for our featured attractions, so attach those too (1200px wide – send credits & links if the images aren’t your own).

As you’d expect, all editorial decisions remain ours.

> Send your news & press releases to:


We are building a loyal following of adventurous film fans across all our online channels. Invite our audiences to your event by listing it on our calendar of SPECIAL ATTRACTIONS. The calendar appears on all our page posts, weekly mailouts & daily listings, & is fully searchable by venue, date etc. SPECIAL ATTRACTIONS can also get boosted via Patreon blog posts and social media shout outs.

If you would like to use this premium option, please supply a box office discount voucher code for our subscribers and/or social media followers when you submit your event (you can choose how wide you want this to go).

> Use this handy form to submit your event.

N.B. Our calendar is not currently suited to daily grind show runs or extended exhibition opening hours. We hope to be able to accommodate those in future builds when we have met our funding goals. Contact us directly if you would like to invite our subscribers/followers to this kind of event.


Exhibitors have found it handy to have our writeups online when promoting their next screen event. As enthusiastic bloggers we will try to cover as many indie screen events as we can in our SCREEN DIARY.

Like much of RADIANT CIRCUS, we focus on events with added value special features such as meet the talent Q&As, panel discussions, double bills & dance-offs. We don’t write previews or reviews of films per se (the internet’s already full of ’em), being more interested in what’s happening when they’re shown. We also don’t write anything overly negative. If an event hasn’t worked for us, we just move right along…

> Invite us to cover your event:


We offer very affordable paid posts – or other sponsored activities – and are always open to new content collabs.

We retain editorial control and will always alert our readers to paid partnerships when we post.

> Get in touch to discuss your ideas:


Of course, you might have different plans entirely…

> Let’s talk about them over coffee:

And that’s the meat of it…

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